Apr 29, 2009

Color Is,....

Hi there gang!

We're really liking the latest blog post from JCK Online Blog - Jewels on Jewels - and her mention of color and how important it is!

Check it out here: Jewels on Jewels

So many beautiful colors are making their way into our lives this spring in jewelry, clothes, accessories, and all sorts of other items as well. Spring (and summer, too!) seems to be a time when people venture out and experiment with all sorts of new colors - colors they normally don't think about.

We've been hit with the 'color-bug' here in our studio too this spring and we're going to be sharing some of our latest creations throughout the spring and summer (if we can get them posted before they leave the studio in the hands of our customers!) - so stay tuned for some colorful beauties!

Until our next colorful time,
Peace, Love and Pearls!


Apr 10, 2009

Woo Hoo!! Style Envy Picks Our Earrings For Spring!

We're so excited that Style Envy has picked our earrings to feature in their Spring Looks for under $250.00! How sweet is that?!
Go check it out and shop all the great finds over at StyleEnvy.com!

Click here to find those gorgeous earrings on our site as well,...after all, graduation is coming up, Mother's Day is around the corner,...I mean there's always an occasion for gifting someone a gorgeous pair of earrings, right? Even yourself - because you deserve it most!!

Have a fabulous weekend, and until nex time,
Peace, Love and Pearls Baby! (especially the ones featured!)

Apr 8, 2009

This ROCKS!!!

Just wanted to share with you and email I received over the weekend from Janet over at the Carlos Santana House in Los Angeles who's involved with the Prom Project that we donate our designs to each year:


I saw your beautiful earrings at the Santana House Prom Event today. You are so amazing, not only with your creative designs, but with you generosity. You made some young girls very, very happy.

Thanks again,
Janet G. "

Does that ROCK or what?? What a fabulous compliment and what an amazing feeling to know we've helped out a bit with completing a young girl's prom wardrobe, making her feel a bit extra 'special'!

Thanks to everyone at the Santana Youth Action Center for allowing us to participate and for giving us great feed back!!

We're looking forward to next year!

Until next time,
Peace, Love and Pearls!!