Jun 9, 2009

Artist's Review - Ying Yang Pendant from Artbeads.com

We liked the review that came from another jewelry artist on a different Artbeads.com item and basically decided to following suite - so to speak - and make this a short and sweet one (I know, hard for you to believe, coming from me, huh?!).

We photographed the pendant, front and back, as Jewelry Artist, Gayle Dowell, of "This Artist's Journey" said all suppliers should do, even though pendants like the one we have really don't need it as much as the one she had did. (Please follow the link and check out her review)

We ordered the small Ying Yang Pendants - "H-16mm by W-12mm" from Artbeads.com and were pleased with their 'heft' and found them to be perfect for earrings, charms and necklace talismans. Nothing 'cheap' about these - perfect quality! Quality = A+

We thought of the obvious, and about our "Basic Earring Class" we teach, and decided to start with a pair of "Ying/Yang Earrings" in black and white - with a small 'twist'. These simple, yet stylish earrings, can be made in as little as 15 minutes - provided you already have your own ear-wires/hooks. Our ear-wires/hooks are handcrafted, but we still managed to make these 'go to' earrings in about 25 minutes. Ease of use = A+

We're actually pretty excited about these little 'gems' because we see all sorts of potential - charms, earrings, dangles from a 'bridal' anklet of all blue stones for your 'something blue' when you get married and have to 'mesh' with your significant other - the 'Ying' of your 'Yang', so to speak.....the possibilities are endless. Versatility = A+

The price from Artbeads.com for the Ying Yang pendant is extremely reasonable. Money wise: $, $$, $$$ = $
Overall Grade: A+
We enjoy using Artbeads.com and encourage you to give them a chance when ordering supplies for your next 'creative moment'!
They've never let us down!
Until next time,
Peace, Love and Great Beading Supplies, Baby!

Jun 1, 2009

More Designers we're loving right NOW!

Okay - here's another in the series of "Designers We're Loving Right NOW!"

Pade Vavra - Her Herkimer Diamond designs are way cool - check out these bangle type bracelets - awesome!! And these earrings are anything but typical!!

And everyone's favorite these days - Melissa Joy Manning's jewelry - because it's pretty cool! And very 'organic'.

And then, for the fun of it - there's Kathy Frey's Anemone Pendant!

Okay - that should give us all sweet dreams!!

Until next time,

Peace, Love and Pearls (and fun jewelry, too!) Baby!