Oct 21, 2009

Proof is in the pudding,......

Buy your pearls now reports JCK. Here's why:

JCK Special Report: Dishing Up Pearls in a Buyer's Market: "This story originally ran in the October 2009 issue of JCK.

An interesting report full of information on not only Salt Water Akoya Pearls, but South Sea Pearls, Freshwater Cultured Pearls and especially Tahitian Pearls.

With fahsion trends leaning towards everything pearls at the moment, it would be particularly prudent to purchase designs which are up to date, yet classic enough to carry you through changes in trends and fads, since prices on these magnificent gems are likely to climb in the next few years due to shortages, ecomonic woes and environmental issues.
Weigh in on your thoughts regarding pearl farming, pearl jewelry trends and all things pearls here on our blog!

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Oct 20, 2009

Great Resources for Jewelry Artists

I'm posting some great jewelry business (or any small business, actually) resources here today because we could all use some help and guidance. With my thought that "There's enough for everyone" and because I believe that "what goes around comes around", being helpful just comes naturally for me, so I hope this information and these sites are able to help all my fellow jewelry artists (and anyone else, too!) out there!

The Home Jewelry Business Success Tips website and blog by Rena Klingenberg. This site, and her blog, are invaluable in helping with social networking/marketing, jewelry show participation, packaging, tips and tricks to selling your jewelry - everything!

Jewelry Marketing by David Weiman - The #1 Source for Handcrafted Jewerly Makers. David walks you through all the aspects of marketing your jewelry, the psychology of it, the pricing, the how's and why's - you name it, he's got your answers!

Art Biz Blog - For The Business of Being An Artist. This blog helps you with social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc. and has some great insight into being an artist in the business world - packed with helpful knowledge!

Okay - there's a lot to focus on here, so that's it for today. There's tons more and each month I'll post a few more sites full of information that can help you build your business, brand yourself as an expert and keep you sane in the midst of ever changing technology and times!!

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Oct 7, 2009

Style Envy LOVES Our Animal Print Shell Bead Earrings!!

We're sending a big THANK YOU over to our friends at Style Envy!!

They're loving our Animal Print Shell Bead Earrings in 14K gold fill and we're loving them for it!!

Style Envy has all your designer needs in one place - fashion, jewelry, accessories - and they've got it all for LESS!! That's right - find the greatest deals and steals in they Style Specials section!

Shop early for your holiday needs and save BIG!!

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Oct 2, 2009

Our Fall 2009 Facebook Fan Jewelry Give-A-Way Winners Are,...

Our Fall 2009 Facebook Fan Jewelry Give-A-Way Winners Are,...
Jessica Larkin Harmon - Wooden Links Necklace
June Cleaver - "Choco-Latte" earrings
Janet Brandt DuChanois - MiShel Designs Gift Cert (20%)
Suzanne Stevens - MiShel Designs Gift Cert (20%)

The correct answer to our "Name This Famous Pearl" is: La Peregrina!!
Hope everyone had fun playing our "Name This Famous Pearl" game.
Congrats to you all and thanks so much for particpating!
To get all the details and see everyone's answers - log on to our MiShelDesigns.com Facebook page!
Stay tuned for our next Jewelry Give-A-Way scheduled this winter (I'm thinking around December 1st would be a good time!!).
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Oct 1, 2009

MiShelDesigns.com on Facebook - Jewelry Give-A-Way

Hey there fans and friends,

Shoot on over to our MiShelDesigns.com facebook page and become a fan and you can participate in our Fall 2009 Facebook Fans Jewelry Give-A-Way tomorrow!

Go check it out for all the details!!

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