Nov 24, 2009

Caring For Your Pearls

Since we're into the time of year where most people dig out their classic pearls and wear them, I thought it would be appropriate to remind everyone of some basic pearl care.

Pearls should not be kept in 'air-tight' containers,...they need to 'breathe'.

To avoid scratching your pearls (and other stones, too), store them in a soft, cloth jewelry bag.

To clean your pearls wipe them off gently with a soft, non-chemically treated cloth after each wear and prior to storing them.

Hand-knotted pearls generally need to be re-strung every 18 months to 3 years, depending on the amount of time you wear your pearls and the conditions/environment in which you subject them to.

Keep the silk of your hand-knotted pearls from stretching too quickly by keeping lotions, perfumes, hairsprays, and all other chemicals away from your pearls. This will not only help the silk knots to last longer, but will also help your pearls keep their luster and beauty.

Pearls that come in contact with lotions, hairsprays, perfumes and other substances will slowly lose their luster and may become damaged over time, thus losing their beauty and value.

When it's time to have your pearls restrung - whether it's newer or older pearl jewelry - please call and ask us for a free estimate!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Beautifully Strung Pearls, Baby!!



Nov 8, 2009

Queen Conch Cultured Pearls

Great news! Scientists have finally, after 25 years of attempting to culture pearls from the queen conch, been successful!

An article appearing in GIA's Gems and Gemology, stated how scientists from FloridaAtlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (Hector Acosta-Salmon and Megan Davis) "developed proprietary techniques to produce beaded and non-beaded cultured pearls from the queen conch."
According to another article in Science Daily, "This discovery opens up a unique opportunity to introduce a new gem to the industry".
Until now, queen conch "pearls" were some of the rarest gems in the world. (and from our standpoint, some of the most beautiful, too!)
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Beautiful Pearls Baby!!