Jun 24, 2010

Feels Something Like Summertime,......

Yep, that's a line in a great Bon Jovi song,...but it's also how this cute little necklace feels and LOOKS!

For my summer assignment as an Artbeads.com blogging partner, I was eager to check out the charms, pendants and glass beads and see what I could come up with.

Thinking of what reminded me of summer, I thought of how we used to pile into the car (one year, pulling a little RV) and take off in the middle of the night (well, between 3:00a.m. - 4:00a.m, anyway) and drive to all these fabulous destinations, usually on our way to my Dad's Rural Letter Carrier Association Conventions.  It was fun, full of things I loved; city lights, sunsets over mountains, tons of colorful flowers, blue lakes with 'diamonds' sparkling in the sun, watermelons, snow cones and the smell of Coppertone!

Yep - summer to me is bright and beautiful, full of life and colors, and it was this little girls' favorite season!  So, to honor my 'inner child' I chose these beautiful 6mm Cats Eye Faceted Round Beads in Turquoise (a fav color!!)  and some totally wild 18mm Glass Flower Beads (yep, it's the 60's / 70's child in me!!) in different colors. I ended up just using the blue and yellow ones - we'll see if I can come up with something just as wild at a later time for the red ones that were on the strand!  I also chose some Silver-Plated Oval Link Handmade Chain, my favorite Sterling Silver Tubing Toggle  and this cute little Antique Silver-Plated Star Flower Charm to add just the right touch.

So, what do you think? What's summer mean to you?  What colors, smells, sights, sounds and feelings do you associate with summer?  As the hubby, son and I head out in our little RV this summer for 2 family reunions and my hubby's class reunion as well, I'm looking forward to re-living that incredible sense of wonder I used to have while driving across the United States,....seeing all that SUMMER has to offer!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and All Things Summer Baby!!

*I have received these products free of charge from Artbeads.com and I am honestly reviewing/creating with these products and have not been paid or compensated for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received.

Jun 16, 2010

Pearls, Pearls, and More Pearls!

I love Pearls (surprise, surprise!) and since June's birthstone is the pearl, I'm taking the opportunity this month to really talk about them.

There's this cool quote (Author Unknown) that I decided was befitting for my blog about Pearls and Queens. It goes like this: "The Pearl is the Queen of Gems and the Gem of Queens!" (LOVE IT!!) 

How many of you feel like a queen (or at least a princess) when you wear pearls?  Not just your average strand of pearly whites, either. I'm talking fun, colorful, hip, trendy, fashion-forward pearls, too!  I feel absolutely heavenly when I wear pearls. Fresh, sexy, alluring - yep, that's how pearls make me feel!

Here's some tips on wearing your pearls this month (and every month!):

Can you “knot” part with your favorite strand of pearls – but want something different? Have them re-strung, tin-cup style and knotted, along with a few of your favorite colored gems and crystals into a very versatile and workable lariat necklace. Your possibilities are almost endless with what you can do with this strand now!

Let me know what types of pearls you like and how they make you feel. And, if you've got any questions about your pearls, shoot 'em over to me and I'll post them here on my blog!

So, until next time,...
Peace, Love and Pearls, Baby!!

Jun 9, 2010

Pearls: From the Office to Happy Hour

The Right to Bare Arms! Remove your suit jacket and show off your bare arms by taking your long, chocolate pearls from around your neck and wrap them around your wrist for a bold, trendy look. At the office this type of style can get in the way when you’re typing or making a presentation, but after work, it’s a total eye-catcher as you sip your fashionable drink or are introduced to new, interesting people!
Chain Gang! Stuff your long, rocker-style chains in your purse and throw them on after work with your pearls and you’re ready for tonight’s mixer. While you show off your chic, trendy side, your pearls highlight the softness of your face against the night lights of the city and you’re seen as instantly classic, sexy and vibrant!

Largely Inappropriate! The larger the better, right? Well, with pearls, that can be true! Put your largest pearls on first, closest to your neck, with your smaller, longer ones on next,…draping all the way down to your navel! Draws the eyes,…doesn’t it? (Caution – this is a complete no-no at work – save it for after hours!)

Time to Get Colorful! Stuffy white pearls (which are so classic and essential to your every day style, don’t get us wrong!) look fabulous all dressed up next to colorful gemstones and wild metals. Wear your ‘halter style’ top with your cardigan and “stuffy whites” at the office and then ditch the cardigan in your bag and mix it up by throwing on your ultra-rich “Tahitian” colored pearls and blackened metal chain mixed with natural, chunky gemstones such as labrodorite, smoky quartz or amethyst! Bold, colorful and chic!
Rich and Good Looking! Great combination,….with,…um,…jewelry! Punch up your after work style by taking that long, single strand of pearls and throwing on some gold chains, a pearl and gold cocktail ring and some large, gold and pearl hoops for an extraordinarily warm and rich look!

Until next time,

Jun 7, 2010

Style Envy Has What You Want!!

One of our favorite sites on the web is Style Envy! It's a must stop for great deals, fabulous steals and 'gotta haves'!

We caught up with Lorraine, who's the creator of this great "Go-To" site, and asked her to share the scoop with us!

Lorraine, tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve always expressed myself best through the visual arts, writing, and fashion. When I was in high school I used to dress in my own unique way. My dad worked for a NY designer and I had access to clothing that a typical teenager wouldn’t necessarily wear. I loved redesigning the stuff he gave me by cutting, sewing, and adding decorative details that were more in line with my personal style.

I became a go-to person for fashion advice. Friends and co-workers asked me to shop with them or recommend online shopping resources. I love the look on a friend’s face when they see how great they look in something they would never have thought of trying on.

How did you come up with the concept for Style Envy?

When I was getting my Master’s Degree, I interned for a large cosmetic manufacturer in the area of new product research. I wrote descriptions for new products and surveyed potential customers on their opinions of the products. I love to write so I really enjoyed that part of the job. After several years working for fortune 500 corporations, I decided to combine my love for writing and fashion and created Style Envy.

When did Style Envy first appear on the web?

I started Style Envy in 2003 as a resource for the latest fashion and beauty trends, new designers, and money saving offers. Style Envy attracts an audience looking for lower prices on higher end contemporary designer fashions. Style Envy has sought out and promoted many new designers, provided readers with product reviews, and made Marie Claire’s list of Haute Shopping Sites.

When scouting for designers to feature, products to spotlight and sales to mention, what types of fashion sites do you look at and what specific things do you look for when recommending all of these things to your readers?

I dissect fashion magazines. I look for fashion inspiration in movies, music videos, current events, and art. I am a bit of a trend spotter. I love finding things first and posting them before they become the next big thing. I read sites like Flavorpill, JC Report, Urban Daddy, Style.com, and Lucky Magazine. It’s not only about the products, the architecture of the website matters too. I visit many websites, look through product selection, clarity of images, and sometimes even go through the purchasing process to see how easy/difficult it is.

One of my favorite spots is Net-A-Porter. It’s easy to navigate, houses hundreds of the best designers in the world, and reads like the editorial section of a magazine.

When I come across something or someone that inspires me, I write about it. Hundreds of people have contacted me about putting their products/websites on Style Envy. I do have a discerning eye and select only those I think would be a good fit.

Can readers follow you on Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social networking sites in order to stay up to the minute with all the ‘deals and steals’ you bring us?

Style Envy is on Twitter http://twitter.com/StyleEnvy. I try to diversify on Twitter and not just focus on fashion. I like to share information about things I enjoy like art, food, wine, books, and travel.

What are your favorite picks for spring/summer fashion right now and who’s got the best deals on spring and summer’s latest “must haves”?

There are a few spring /summer 2010 fashions that will instantly update your look. A striped tunic top. Stripes are big this season and they’re classic. Wear the top with leggings, shorts, skinny jeans. Ruffles are still big. I love ruffles, the layered not lacey kind. The tiered, ruffle mini is adorable and looks great with a close fitted striped top and flats. Cage sandals are still big and can go with many looks. My tip is to get a pair with a platform, the extra height in the front balances out a high heel and makes them more wearable. Python in neutral colors. Get a bag, belt, sandals, flats, or platform-peep-toe-pumps. A sequin tank for day and evening. I prefer sequins that are lightly dusted on the garment. It looks so unexpected layered under a blazer or over a button down shirt.

You can find great deals on fashion and beauty at some of my favorite spots. If you’re looking for easy, every day pieces try H&M. I’ve found great t-shirts for $8-$12 with a hint of lycra that help them last. Sample sale sites are a must-shop. I am addicted to Gilt Groupe, and ideeli. Some of my smartest shopping moves were made here. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars. You must be a member to shop there and it’s free to join. Your readers are welcome to join through this invitation. The Outnet.com is where you’ll find items from Net-A-Porter for up to 70% off. Designers for less can also be found on YOOX.com. Your best bargain beauty site is e.l.f. cosmetics for $1. Their higher end studio line is about $5-$10. I’m still amazed how well their products work and how they cost less than a fashion magazine. My favorite is the waterproof eyeliner, mineral blush, and mineral lipstick. E.l.f. always has special offers on top of their already low prices.

Fashion-wise, what styles or trends do you wish would go away and what ones do you wish you could see right now?

Fashion is such a personal thing. There are trends that I would never wear under any circumstance; Harem pants, denim leggings and Lucite jewelry are a few of them. Shoe heights have risen to the point of looking ridiculous. It’s not sexy if you can’t walk with confidence in your shoes.

Sometimes there’s a fine line between trendy and "costumey". When you’re not sure, I think a mirror and an honest friend are your best critics.

What do you see next for Style Envy?  

Style Envy has been exclusively focused on women’s fashions. I recently added a girls section. It is in its beginning stages but I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. I’d like to offer more fashion tips and personal advice on product selection. When it comes to blogs, I believe in staying true to one thing and doing it well. So many blogs try to be everything to everyone and end up closing down in a year.

What would you like for people reading about your site for the first time to know?

I am open to new ideas and collaborating with writers. I’ve had guest writers in the past. There is a huge untapped pool of talented designers on the internet. I love sharing them with my readers. If you are one and think your designs would be a good fit for Style Envy, please feel free to email me.
I am busy working on a website that will feature my TtV photography. TtV stands for Through the Viewfinder and it’s a style of photography that uses two cameras. An old vintage camera and a modern digital camera. I want to incorporate some of my more fashion related shots into Style Envy. I’ll send you the link to the site when it’s up.

Cool - we can't wait!!

Until next time,
Peace, Love and Great Shopping!!