Jul 30, 2010

Hanging in Roswell with the Aliens!

Okay, so it's Sunday morning and we're waking up in Roswell, NM!  The tow truck towed us in around 1:30a.m. this morning and Mike's already apologized to our neighbors for our very late and very loud arrival.

Strangely - happily so - the folks next to us (Fred and Julie, and their daughters Tommie and Alex) own a garage in Albuquerque and Fred's a certified Ford mechanic,......hmmmm,...what are the odds?

Fred's under the hood helping Mike and he lets him know the fuel pump seems to be the problem. He gets it running good enough for us to get into a garage on Monday morning instead of having to be towed in!  Woo Hoo!   Fred let's us know that if we don't want to fix anything there in Roswell, we're more than welcome to head up into Albuquerque and he'll go over it himself and get us on our way safely!  What a nice guy and what a wonderful offer. However, since we're still working this whole thing out with our insurance company, we're told we must keep it in Roswell to get it fixed. So, unfortunately we don't get to travel to ABQ to visit with our new friends - but their gesture was greatly appreciated!

We call Sunshine cab in Roswell and Steve, the cab driver, comes out to pick us up so we can go to the airport (yes, they do have a small one in Roswell) and get a rental car to drive around town in while the RV is being fixed the next day. Oddly enough, when Mike and Logan explain the situation to Steve, he not only recommends the same mechanic by name (Jody) that our tow truck driver recommended the night before, but Steve actually hands Mike the man's buisness card!  Okay - weird coincidences happen often in Roswell, don't they?!

As we get back to the Rv park, we decide to head on down to Carlsbad Caverns in the rental car and enjoy our Sunday since there's not much else to do!  Logan and I experienced Carlsbad Caverns a few years back with my sister Marsha and niece Misha.  We tell Mike what a treat he's in for and it's pretty hot out by the time we hit the caverns so we can't wait to get inside where it's cool!  As we promised, the caverns are wonderful and Mike's impressed and Logan and I are proud of our excellent tour guide status!

As we arrive back to the RV Park later that night and get settled in with a movie, we are excited to get the RV fixed the next day and get back to our scheduled trek across the country. My boys are wanting some beach time down in Texas!!

Until Next time, 
Peace, Love and Cool Caving!!

Jul 28, 2010

Driving Along in our RV,....

Woo Hoo - I've got internet for today and I've downloaded a couple of pics so here's the the first day's log on our road trip!

Hitting the Road:  July 17th - Nutrioso, AZ to Roswell,NM (we were headed for Carlsbad, NM - just FYI)

Leaving the cabin and tree house behind, we're hitting the road.  As we pass the Drachman cabin we pull in and let Logan pose for a snap shot with his good friend's Sammie and William (Logan's the short one in between the twins!).  We say our goodbye's and get on our way!

We roll into New Mexico and our first stop is the VLA's. If you've never seen them - they're quite a sight! We take some quick shots of the Very Large Arrays and then it's back on the road, headed for our next stop - Roswell, NM, where we're hoping to get some cool aliens souvenirs and possibly bump into a few Aliens and hear of their great adventures before heading on down to Carlsbad Caverns NM.

As we drive through New Mexico and pass Lincoln, Mike and I comment that it's so beautiful, we wouldn't mind coming back through for a visit and possibly checking out land to purchase.  And then,....chug, chug,....chug, chug,......stop. 

The RV decided it's time to rest since we like Lincoln so well.  So, 2 miles out of Lincoln and still about 50 miles from Roswell we're stuck for awhile as we try and figure out what's up with the RV.  Mike thinks it's just bad gas (no I didn't feed the RV beans while at high altitude - I swear!)  and as we get the RV started back up and slowly make our way through the mountains a nice sherriff stops to let us know there's no services close by and if we get stuck, to pull off as far as we can so we don't get hit by any semi trucks running through - oh, and to look out for snakes, too!

So, Mike and Logan out vote me and we keep going from pull out to pull out, as the RV is trying it's best to stay running.  Finally, the lights of Roswell are in our site and we decide to pull into the first gas station we come to in town and put some gas in the RV.  As we're filling her up, she just stops cold - not to start again!!

After calling Gieco and arguing with them for 30 minutes as to whether we have emergency road side assistance or not - "Oh, I do see that now Mr. Buettner - someone entered it incorrectly into your policy. We're sorry about that. We have very few people working this late at night and the whole RV department has gone home."  (Gee, sorry to break down after hours - we'll try to plan it better next time so as not to inconvenience you!!!) we line up a tow truck to come get us out of the parking lot.  However, we're not sure where they're going to be able to take us to as all the garages in town are closed and will not open again until Monday morning,......and it's Midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning (In Roswell, NM!!).

Finally, after many more little 'incidents' between Gieco and the nice towning people (seriously - they were great. It was Gieco that wasn't the easiest to deal with at midnight,....might be time to change to a different insurance company after all these years!!) we got towed into a great little RV Park in Roswell (Town and Country RV) at approximately 1:30a.m. Sunday morning - oh our poor RV neighbors!!

All settled in and ready for some much needed sleep and relaxation, we drift off to dream land wondering what tomorrow (in Roswell) will bring! Stay tuned as the adventures just get better!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Thank You Freddie from Remco Towing - you're fantastic!!

Travel Tip #2: Always remember to try and break down between the hours of 8:00a.m. and 5:00p.m. Monday - Friday so you can better accommodate your insurance company. 

Oh, and strangely, I have the awkward feeling we're not the first "Aliens" to have an unscheduled landing here,......

Jul 23, 2010


Okay - well, finally, I'm able to get an internet signal and post a little something here!

This one's going to be short as we're ready to leave another campsite, but here's things in a nut shell:

We left Saturday the 17th and just barely made it into Roswell, NM (yes, that Roswell!) around 11:00p.m. before completely 'breaking down' in the RV at the first gas station in town.  Eventually, after many conversations with Geico and the towing company, we got towed into an RV spot at the Town and Country RV Park and finally 'hit the hay' at about 1:45a.m.!!  On another post we'll tell you all about our trip down main street with the Aliens, how great the people of Roswell really are and all the funny things that happened!

By Wednesday the 21st, the RV was repaired and we were on our way to Amarillo, TX. Other than lots of wind and a bunch of awful smells, there's not much to talk about regarding Amarillo, and the next day, yesterday (Thursday the 22nd) we pulled out and drove to Oklahoma City - which is where I sit now as I'm typing to you.

We're headed out today to Devil's Canyon State Park in Arkansas and we'll let you know how that goes once we get another signal and get settled in with family after the weekend!

Here's to another day of fun filled adventures, beautiful sites to see and here's hoping the wind dies down!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and fuel pumps, baby!!

Travel Trip #1 = In Oklahoma, when it says speed limit 70,....better to obey that. A very nice tropper let us know even 72 was way too fast for his state!  :)

Jul 17, 2010

Day 1 On Our Big Adventure!! (Big Bug, Big Bug!!)

"Big Bug! Big Bug!!  Ooohhh,....really big bug, someone help,...Logan???"  So, this is what my hubby (Mike) and our son (Logan) woke up to me saying on DAY 1 of our Big Adventure!

We take off today for our BIG ADVENTURE - our 4K mile trek through AZ, NM, TX, LA, MS, AR, KS, NE, SD and then who knows where, to see family and friends, go to Mike's class reunion in Nebraska and see as many wonderful sites as we can along the way. We're trusting our little old R.V. to safely take us to some fun places - wish us luck!

I woke up this morning and was working from inside our RV (1988 Coachmen with not even 48K miles on it yet!!) on my computer and all of a sudden this BIG BUG comes plopping down beside me!  It was a strange looking bug,...but after assessing the situation (i.e. - whisper screaming to the son and hubby!) and seeing it was harmless and then trying to save him, he found his way down into the little storage space underneath where I sleep (great!!) and he's alive and well to my knowledge!  The hubby and son told me, after I gave them a detailed description, that it was a 'bark bug' and nothing to worry about.  "Good, cause I'm not made of bark nor do I look like a tree!" was my response. 

So, bark bug and all we are leaving behind the "Famous Tree House" this morning and taking off from my sis and bro-in-law's cabin (well from their driveway at least!) in Nutrioso, AZ and going to Roswell, NM  (aprox. 331 miles) today to meet up with some Aliens! LOL!

We'll be making daily posts (internet willing) here on our blog so please join us on our summer adventure and see where all we travel  to and what adventures we have! And, be sure to share your favorite vacation adventure memories with us, too!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love, Big Bugs and BIG ADVENTURES!!

Jul 9, 2010

Urban Chaos VS. Mountain Air!

I've been up in the mountains on vacation for a few weeks now. We had a great family reunion (the bro's and sis's from the Fernandes - Portuguese - side), celebrated our Nation's Independence Day, enjoyed the parade and fireworks, had BBQ's, sipped drinks in the "Famous Tree House" and have taken care of the dogs, cat and our little love bird, too.

While all this 'back to nature' and family stuff is cool and relaxing, I find myself longing for the 'city' just a bit. I'm ready to re-watch 'SATC' the movie (the 1st one), Love Actually (can't get enough of Hugh Grant's accent - it's my English/Welsh herritage coming out here!) and some other fav movies.  I'm scouring the internet for the latest fashion trends and happenings and wishing I had an occasion to wear a couple of the new shoes I purchased before heading up here.

And, although I'm designing some pretty cool 'organic' items right now, I was browsing my "Urban Chaos" line from last year and thought it would be a good idea to somehow mix the two.
So, here's some pics of last year's Urban Chaos designs with a couple of 'organic naturals' thrown in and in the next couple of days we'll see what I can come up with as I mix and combine the two,........hmmmmm,.....Stay Tuned!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and All Things Mixed!

Jul 7, 2010

Summer Vacation

With all things summer came our son's 13th Birthday (OMG, he's officially a teenager!!), our family reunion in the mountains at my sis's cabin, the 4th of July parade and fireworks in the quaint little town of Springerville/Eagar, AZ and now we're gearing up for our RV trek through out the United States. 

Our little RV tour will include 12 states, visits to family and friends, Roswell NM, Carlsbad Caverns, San Antonio (Alamo), beaches along the Gulf, Vickburg, MS (Civil War Park!!), Hot Springs, AR, more family, friends and a class reunion in Nebraska, Mount Rushmore, Pikes Peak (we think) and who knows what else.

So, as you continue to enjoy your summer, think about all your wonderful travels (wherever they have taken you) and make sure to enjoy each day, and everyone in it, to it's fullest!
I'll be making as many posts as possible along our trip, soaking up inspiration for new jewelry designs and classes and sharing thoughts and as many fun things as I can along the way!

Until next time,
Peace, Love and Fun on the Road!!