Dec 28, 2011

Snowy Trips!

As always, click on images to make them bigger! :)

Getting ready to go hang out here for
New Year's Eve!

I hear there's way more snow than this right now, too!!

Good thing we've got the Subaru! 
( I swear, I need to do commercials for Subaru!)

I hope you're warm, safe and having a great time with
family and friends during winter break!!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Beautiful Snowy Places!


Dec 27, 2011

Only a Few Days Left,...

Wow - This year seemed to fly by, didn't it? 

from DarkerAngels via Pinterest

It's hard to believe that 2011 is almost over and 2012 is just around the corner! 

From via Pinterest

Do you make New Year's Resolutions or not?  

I used to, but now I just stick with our "Bucket List" that Mike and I started writing out in 1997, the year our son was born.

Each year, somewhere close to New Year's, we cross off our bucket list all the things we've experienced and/or accomplished and replace those things with new ones.

Our Bucket Lists are more fun for us than New Year's Resolutions.
As a family we feel blessed and thankful that 2011 was a good year for us (and hopefully the remaining days will continue on this trend!).

Here's a few things I'm thankful for:

A happy, healthy family
A roof over my head and food on the table
A business that supports us
A hobby that allows me to be creative
Friends and family that I adore and love to hang out with!
My Subaru (***Love***)
Hot Showers and indoor plumbing ;)
My Health
Arizona (yes, even when it's 112 degrees, I still love where I live!)
My Tempurpedic bed and pillow

Here's a few things I'm looking forward to in 2012:

Continued good health for myself and my family
Continued success in our business
Camping in the desert w/my hubby and son again
Tuscany trip with the girls
Summer Vacation
Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

What about you? What did 2011 Bless you with? 

What are you looking forward to in 2012?

Do you make New Year's Resolutions or do you have a "Bucket List"?

Whatever your traditions are, I hope you are able to enjoy them to the fullest these last few days of the year and that 2012 is one of your best, most productive, prosperous and happy years of all!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Here's to a Wonderful 2012!


Me and My Boys - Christmas Day 2011

Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

May Your Christmas Be Warm And Bright!

Until Next Time,



Dec 24, 2011

It's Christmas Eve!

When I was a little girl, my brother and sister-in-law would host
a brother-sister get together at their house every Christmas Eve.

It was my favorite night of the year!

There would be people laughing, fun snacks to eat,
cool presents under the tree, games to play and music playing! 

It's one of my most cherished childhood memories.

I love looking back at all the old photos!

I hope you have many lovely Christmas memories that you cherish.


Here's wishing you more happy and warm memories this year, too!

Merry Christmas!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Memories of Christmas Eve!

Dec 23, 2011

Artists Helping Artists

Artists Helping Artists Silent Auction

Once again, several artists in the blog community have decided to come together to help a fellow artist in need.

A silent auction has been set up and the below participants have generously donated their amazing art work in order to help a fellow artist who, as the result of a very tragic accident, has suffered the loss of her mother and is recovering in the hospital herself.

The auction will run from Thursday, Dec. 22nd
through Wednesday, Dec. 28th at midnight
so there's plenty of time to browse through
the links below and bid on all the beautiful pieces
that you just cannot do without!

After all, this IS the "Season of Giving"!
Auction Participants:

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Giving Graciously!

Dec 21, 2011

BTW - Bead Table Wednesday!

Okay - so I'm not real good at silence,or inactivity, so here's what's on my bead table today. 

Odds and Ends - Making Last Minute Gifts for the Holidays Today!!

Which, I might say, is actually pretty full right now as I'm trying to get gifts finished and ready for Christmas!!

Lampwork Glass Beads - Firebabies on Etsy
Vintaj Artisan Copper and Bead Caps
Someone Special's Getting This for Christmas!

And I finished these - they're for me to wear on Christmas! (Lucky ME!)

Hope you're all having a wonderful week and that you're creating something wonderful, whether it be jewelry, cookies for the holidays or lovely memories with your family!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Creating Fun Things!!


Dec 14, 2011

Time to Pause,....

Sometimes ya just gotta sit back and say
"That's it! Time to take a break!"

Time to get things done around the home and for the family (and myself!) that need to be done and everything else can just be on "pause".

Here's what I'm dreaming of and what I'm looking forward to as I enter into my Winter Holiday!

Looking forward to spending time at the Cabin and
hanging with family and sledding and making snow angels!

Looking forward to sipping hot cocoa and schnapps w/my hubby in the treehouse!

Looking forward to smothering these
two wild kiddos with hugs and kisses!!

Looking forward to spending time with my hubby and son
and all my family for the holidays!

What are some of the things you're dreaming of this Winter Holiday Season?  Any plans? 
Sharing times with family and friends?
Being Creative and Enjoying Every Moment??

Well, whatever it is, I hope it's amazing and wonderful and that 2012 is one of the best yet!!

(This doesn't mean I won't be back to say a few things between now and the end of the year,... it's just time to take a break and enjoy what's right in front of me for a spell!)

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Living in the Moment!

Dec 11, 2011

I Heart Macro - It's Sunday!!

My point and click views this week:
(as always, click on the photos to enlarge them)

Around the house I put up the Christmas decorations and arranged the gorgeous wood Santa carvings by my brother and smelled some of our lovely roses.

Camped in the Desert
(which is always an adventure with my two boys!)

The only picture my son would let me take of him (that he knew about!)

Campfire by the Arizona Sunset

Beautiful Scenery!

There's gold on the other side of them-there hills!
The Vulture Mine gold to be exact!

He should have brused more frequently don't you think?

Yes, but it's a dry heat!

Moonrise over the mountains


These will hurt!

These will hurt more!

These are just cool looking!

More stick-i-stuff

And, a beautiful, young saguaro!

How was your week - see anything beautiful or interesting you'd like to share?

Hop on over to Studio Waterstone for I Heart Macro today - you'll be thrilled with all the gorgeous photos!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Beauty in the Strangest Places!