Mar 19, 2012

I'm Here,...

Got my toes in the sand,
drink in my hand,
watchin' the waves crash land,
takin' it all in,...
life's grand!

Until Next Time,...
Peace, Love and Beautiful Beaches!


  1. Totally Jealous you know that right?

  2. I'm a beach girl myself. Have a blast!!

  3. I wish I was at the beach right now. Your shots are so peaceful and inviting. Beautiful captures. The last one is intriguing. Am curious to know where you were. Wherever it is, it’s certainly a wonderful spot. genie

  4. Genie - the beach spot in the above photos are from both San Clemente State Beach Park and Camp Pendleton's San Onofre Beach in California. It's really beautiful in and around that area, that's for sure!!

  5. I like those beautiful views, I also want to see my feet there.


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