Jul 28, 2012

Get To Class!

Yes, it's about time for school to start.
At least it is here in AZ - August 3rd for some folks.
Seems a tad bit too early doesn't?  

Anyhoo,....while the kiddos will be hearing "Get to Class!" you can get to class too - at Creative U

Creative Fun!

Time to take advantage of the great prices they have on their super creative classes and learn a new technique or perfect an old one!

So True,...So True!

The instructors have a way of sharing their knowledge in a fun and exciting atmosphere that is sparked with energy yet comfortable and relaxed at the same time - it's a very cool place!

Jen, Denise and Lasso at Creative U

Seriously, you can walk into Creative U and not know a soul and walk out feeling like you just had a great afternoon with your best friends! 

Why not get your feet wet and join me for a fun class on Saturday, August 18th from 2:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. while we smack some metal around, create our own button clasps and tie some cool knots together to create a multi-strand beaded bracelet that is easy and stylish!?!

Knot Your Mom's Beaded Bracelet Class - Creative U - Carefree, Arizona
Saturday, August 18th, 2:00p.m. - 5:00p.m.
Instructor:  Michellle (Shelly) Buettner

Hop on over to the Creative U website by clicking the link here to find out more and sign up.  You'll be very glad you did! 

You can create a bracelet similar to this one!

And, check out all the other great classes coming in August - you won't want to miss these, either!

Knot Your Mom's Beaded Bracelet Class - Creative U

Kathy, Jen and Denise are super and if you have any questions - just call 'em up and chat! 

Shelly Buettner and Jen Hanscom - Creative U - May 2012

Oh, and don't forget to say hello to Lasso!

Lasso says "hi"

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Having Fun at Creative U!

Jul 25, 2012

Musical Inspiration

Everyone who knows me personally knows I'm a huge Jesse Cook fan - I love his music and rave about him all the time!

Jesse Cook

Jesse's the most amazing acoustic guitarist I've ever seen.
His music is referred to as "Flamenco Rumba" and then kind of Jesse's own style mixed in,...amazing stuff!

Bogota By Bus - Rumba Foundation, Jesse Cook

One of my favorites is Havana, off the Frontiers CD, but the video link I have here is one Jesse put together himself while on tour and it's really fantastic.
I've seen him in concert 5 times and I've dragged my hubby and son along with me at least 4 times and even had him autograph my son's guitar one year.

I listen to his music all the time when I'm creating jewelry. You could call it my 'go-to' music. It's there, with this rhythm that just moves me and speaks to my soul.

At one concert, a woman got up on stage dressed in what appeared to be a belly dance costume and started dancing. We thought it was part of the show but she turned out to be just an avid fan! 

Via Pinterst

The first time I ordered tickets to see him the conversation with the ticket guy went something like this:

Me: "Where ever I sit, I have to be able to see his hands!"
Ticket Dude: (total silence,....)
Me: "Hello?"
Ticket Dude: "Why?"
Me: "I cannot imagine anyone being able to do what he does with a guitar!"
Ticket Dude: "Cool. Okay, you got it."

I got seats close enough to see his hands!
Well, only during the slow parts. His hands move so fast on some songs they're just a blur,....seriously!!

George Benson (!!!) was in the audience that night too and Jesse played so hard he broke a guitar string and didn't even miss a note!  It was incredible!

Our friends emailed me a couple of weeks back that they want to meet up again this coming March in Wickenburg for Jesse's next visit to Arizona - sweet! And since the concert's really close to my birthday I'm hopeful I'll be able to pull off getting to attend again!

Wire wrapped oval hoops with Sari silk and seed beads

So, on my bead table today are these earrings from yesterday (it rained all day,...rather dark,...can you tell by the earrings?) 

I've got a few other things waiting around to be put together as well.

Leather and wire wrapped hoops with nut beads

And in the background,...yep,...Jesse. Turned WAY up! 

What do you listen to when you create?  What kind of music motivates you? Do you like just 'filter' noise or do you design around the style of music you have on?

You'd think that listening to the type of music I do,...Flamenco Rumba, Jazz, Blues, Rock, etc. that my designs would have a bit more color. I guess the weather was a big influence yesterday.

I've been listening to The Wanted for the past several months too - they're kinda 'bubble-gum' as my son puts it - but hey, I like that flavor. It goes well with hot, spicy Rumba!! ;-)

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Awesome Tunes!

Jul 24, 2012


It's been a little over a year since going through the
Wallow Fire here in Arizona.

Looking towards Alpine June 1st, 2011.
Nutrioso is on the left. Auger Canyon Rd. to the right.

This summer as I look around I realize that being evacuated and seeing the devastation first hand last year was a good teacher.

Grandma Emma's Cabin after the Wallow Fire, Summer 2011

Change can be a bit difficult at times and this experience is just another form of the teachings that change is a constant but if we look with an open mind and heart, we can find the good. Or perhaps, the good finds us because we are open?

Life does return.

It's like evolution.

Aside from the scientific/biological definition of evolution,
one version goes like this:

A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

Not sure if they're more complex or better, but my jewelry designs have evolved over the years.

Back in 2009, I named a line of my jewelry "Urban Chaos".

'Marsha's' - MiShel Designs, 2009 Urban Chaos Collection

I called it this because of the way I wire wrapped the pieces and because of what they represented to me at the time.

MiShel Designs, 2009 Urban Chaos Collection

This form of wrapping wire was quite the challenge for me. 

Urban Chaos Swirl Hoops - MiShel Designs, from the 2009 Urban Chaos Collection

I know, I know,...it looks quite simple (almost sloppy!), so what could be so hard, right? 

Marquis Madness - MiShel Designs
2009 Urban Chaos Collection

Going from all the neat and orderly wrappings I'd been doing for so many years to a rather chaotic, organic, chunky look and feel was a bit different. 

'Marsha's' - MiShel Designs, 2009 Urban Chaos Collection
Wire Wrapped 'Chaos' Pendant and 'Chaos' Wire Wrapped Beads

And, even though I was completely drawn to this style it just wasn't what I normally designed; nor was it what my customers asked for or wanted.

'Irish Eyes' - MiShel Designs 2011

But I loved the look, so I kept doing it.

And after a while, it felt totally natural.

Chaos Wrapped Pearls and Crystals - MiShel Designs, 2010

I still love to see (and create!) nice, neat and tight wire wrapped designs, don't get me wrong.

'In The Army Now!' - 2011 Urban Chaos Wrapped Bangle and Earrings Set

But this 'chaos' way of wrapping has started to
become my 'go-to' wrap.

"Snake Skins"- 2011 Chaos Wrapped Pearls, MiShel Designs
Copper Metal Clay Components - Kristi Bowman Design

Kind of my norm, if you will.

And, after seeing it all over the place in hand crafted jewelry designs for the last 4 to 5 years I've really come to love the different ways people get their jewelry to look with it.

"Shannon" - MiShel Designs, 2012 Urban Chaos Collection

It adds such texture and dimension!

And, I like how you can take something smooth and shiny and make it look a bit 'worn' just by the way you wire wrap it.  Almost grunge,...but not quite. 

MiShel Designs, 2012 Urban Chaos Collection

I also like how it can make your outfit, which might be all crisp and neat, look a bit more relaxed and casual while adding some fun as well, without taking away from your overall look and feel.

"Rain in the Forest" - 2012, MiShel Designs Spice It Up Collection

Being up here in the mountains againg this summer, all of this type of jewelry reminds me of the trees in the forest and the woods around me,....free formed, bent, twisted and yes, even the burnt ones,....beautiful (in their own way)!

'Desert Sunset' - 2012, MiShel Designs Urban Chaos Collection

What types of styles are you drawn to and in what ways have you changed things that you design over the years?

Chaos Wrapped Faceted Citrine Drops in 14K Gold Filled
MiShel Designs, 2010

Have you learned any specific techniques that are now second nature to you and show up everywhere in your designs? 

Mini Pearl Drops - MiShel Designs, 2009

Evolution (change) can be a good thing, yes?!

Horse Shoe Pass Earrings - 2012 MiShel Designs

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Embracing Chaotic Change!



Jul 23, 2012

Fruits Of My Labor

Remember this weekend when I posted my

Well, here's the fruits of my labor after playing around with some different materials this weekend.

Click photos to enlarge images

I'm having fun making hoops, covering them with recycled sari silk and various colored ribbons and wrapping them with the darkened annealed steal wire and adding a few little seed beads and crystals - too fun!!

Grunge Hoops

The Grunge Hoops will be available in my Etsy shop this week.

Also, the weekend before, when we played in the garage studio and I dipped some things in liver of sulfur

Well, here's a few of those items now, too. 

I love how copper can look on different surfaces and with different colored backgrounds - it's such a cool metal!

I'm gearing up for the Annual Nutrioso BBQ and craft show this weekend up here White Mountains of Arizona and so some of these are going to be put on display there, but several will be in my Etsy shop next week as well.

I'm limited to what items I have up here at my sis's cabin, but it's stretching my creativity to play with what I have. I even forgot my LOS, so no dark metals other than the ones I made up prior to coming back up here - oh well - I'm still having fun!

Someone asked me if my being here at the cabin fueled my creativity or did it just make it too hard to create, being in such a beautiful area and wanting to just enjoy my surroundings. The answer is a little bit of both!

What's fueling your creativity this summer? 

Are you inspired by your surroundings?  

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Creating Fun Things!



Jul 22, 2012

Happiness Is,...

A Walk in the Woods

You never know what you're going to see,...

Or Who!?!

Happy Sunday!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Having Fun!


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*Scary dude in the Ghillie Suite is the hubby,...stalking our son and his friends in the woods and having a blast! ;-)