Nov 26, 2012

Cyber Monday - Cyber Week!

A Fun Week of Artisan Cyber Sales is going on right now over at the
Artisan Whimsy Site through Friday, November 30th!

Come join in the fun and purchase handmade this holiday season! 
There's lots of great handcrafted jewelry that's being offered at some fantastic prices and for you jewerly designers, there's lots of awesome handmade components and beads, too!
Each participant is doing their own give-a-way on their blog or website as well - so don't forget to check out each site and leave comments to get in on some great winnings!


Artisan Whimsy will be hiding
Three Exiciting Giveaways
throughout the partipants blog posts.

When you find one of the Hidden Give-A-Way Banners
on a participant's blog (hint-hint!),
click on the link and follow the directions
to be entered to win some goodies!

~Good Luck~

I'm offering 15% off your total purchase in my
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Use coupon code AWHOLIDAY upon checkout to get your discount.
And, on December 1st I'll be giving away a pair of these lovely sterling silver and freshwater cultured white coin pearl earrings.
Just leave a comment here on todays blog post below or on the original post from the 21st of November, Here to be entered into my drawing.  
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Shopping Handmade All Week In Your Jammies!

Nov 25, 2012

Echo Creative Team - November Reveal!

Once again it's time for the Echo Creative Club Reveal!

This month I decided to keep it simple.

Well, that wasn't actually my original plan, that's just how things turned out. 

I love working leather into my designs and I really liked how it looked with Jeannie's Aspen Leaf Pendant and so I decided to make something to wear for Thanksgiving.

 Each year we spend Thanksgiving weekend at my sister and brother-in-law's cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.

My hubby and son (a.k.a. the Masked Rider) built this awesome tree house up there and actually sleep in it - my nephew usually joins them - even when it's 17 degrees or colder out.  Silly boys!

My sis, niece and I prepare all sorts of yummy food and there's usually friends from town that travel in to have dinner with us and the cabin is usually full of people and children.

And delicious smells, too.

This year my niece is with her in-laws and so I'm missing her super delicious homemade apple pie - big time!!

(and her, her hubby and their kiddos, too!)

There's lots of Aspen up at the cabin.

And since the Wallow Fire in 2011,  there's a lot more Aspen on the mountain because Aspen come back quite a bit faster than the other trees that were lost in the fire.

I look around and am so grateful for all that is still left.

The trees, the cabins that are still standing and the animals that still call this forest their home.

It's a quiet Thanksgiving this year.

So simple was in order.

Please stop by and visit all the other Echo Creative Club Team Members this month to see what they've created with the components that Jeannie sent them.

Echo Creative Club - November Team
 Echo Creative Club

Jewelry By Jeannie
Echo Creative Club
Flickr group

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Giving Thanks!

Nov 23, 2012

Artisan Cyber Sale Starts Today!

A Fun Week of Artisan Cyber Sales Starts Today, Friday, November 23rd and goes through next Friday, November 30th!
Come join in the fun! 
Artisan Whimsy is hosting the largest artisan
shopping cyber week ever!
There are tons of designers all offering discounts in their shops and they're each having their own give-a-ways, too. Don't miss out!  Head on over to the Artisan Whimsy site and check them all out - plus find details for more fun give-a-ways to be had as well!
I'm offering 15% off your total purchase in my
today through Friday, November 30th, 2012.
Just enter Coupon Code: AWHOLIDAY upon check out to get your discount.
Plus, I'll be giving a pair of these super sweet freshwater cultured pearl and sterling silver earrings away (a $32.00 value!) on December 1st. Just leave a comment on the original blog post: here,....or comment down below on this post to be entered. 

I will draw a random name on Saturday, December 1st and announce the winner here on my blog.  Be sure to head back over here on the 1st of December to check out the winner!
Whatcha waitin' for - get to shopping!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Shopping "Hand Made" on Black Friday and during all of Cyber Week!

Nov 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all my family and friends in the U.S.
a very warm and wonderful Thanksgiving!
Until Next Time,
Peace and Love!

Nov 21, 2012

Artisan Cyber Sale!

 Join in the fun and shop handmade at the largest Artisan shopping event for Cyber Week!

A Fun Week of Artisan Jewelry Sales and
 Friday, Nov. 23rd - Friday Nov 30th!

Each participating member over on Artisan Whimsy will be offering a discount in their own stores or on their facebook pages and will be promoting their own give-a-way as well. 

Winners will be chosen individually by each shop owner
so be sure and stop by all the participants and
enter their give-a-ways.


Artisan Whimsy will be hiding
Three Exciting Giveaways
throughout our participants blogs.
When you find one of the

Secret Give-A-Way Banners
on a participant's blog (hint, hint!) 
click on the link and follow the directions
to be entered to win some awesome goodies!

Good Luck!
Head on over to Artisan Whimsy
to see all the participants and
what they have to offer!


Here's what's happening in the

MiShel Designs Etsy Store

I'm offering 15% OFF 
from Friday, Nov. 23rd - Friday, Nov. 30th!
Be Sure To Use Coupon Code
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Also, I will be giving away a pair of these
beautiful, white freshwater coin pearl and
sterling silver earrings on December 1st.
(a $32.00 value!)
To be entered in my drawing, be sure to leave a comment below in this blog post and then come back here on December 1st to see who the lucky winner is!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Whimsical Shopping!


Nov 20, 2012

A Little Holiday Shopping Fun!

So,'s what's been going on.
I've had people asking me if I'm doing another "Holiday Shop Hop" this year and the answer is no.  Last year it seemed everyone was commenting on how desperately they needed traffic to their shops and so I set up the shop hop to try to help out and fill the need.
This year there's so many other similar things going on that I felt it would be a bit too redundant.  And, if you scroll down further in this post you'll see one of those super fun things getting ready to happen in cyber-space this coming Friday!! (Fun stuff let me tell you!)

Plus this year, I know  (and respect) my own limits of what I can and can't accomplish a bit better too. 

Via Pinterest
When all the things I had on my "Must Accomplish This Year" list started getting pushed to the side I decided it was time to step back a bit.  Yes, it was hard and I've felt a bit disconnected at times but,....ya gotta know when to say "when".

Via Pinterest
This is my new yoga relaxation pose!
What?  This doesn't look relaxing to you?!

It's quite freeing,....knowing your limits and not being too terribly hard on yourself for letting go a bit. 

I passed on some really great blog hops, challenges and swaps these last couple of months - it was hard, let me just say that!

"You Did WHAT?!"
( via pinterest)

But, life still goes on. Maybe not as fast or in the specific way you had at one point hoped it would, but it goes on none the less.

And sometimes, it goes on to be even better than you thought it would and even surprises you.
Letting go of certain things doesn't mean the end of the world as I know it.  It just means things are different and they serve a different purpose in my life - all which are a good because I have greater gratitude and an open heart and mind!
A couple of things I was able to observe while stepping back a bit was,....
 Every one's human. We all make mistakes. We all start over over or change positions or switch gears. That's okay and necessary for our growth.
We all grow at our own rate. Or at least we should allow ourselves that right.  No one else's rate of growth should match or even come close to ours. We're all on our own path. Our own PERFECT path.

Photo by Michelle Buettner

When I stepped back a bit and got quiet, muse came back and so did the passion I thought I'd lost for my craft.  ( Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah - I love this part!!)

Barbie loves it when my muse comes back.
It means she usually gets new jewelry!

We're all a 'work in progress'.  A work of art - in progress.

I don't feel as stressed out as I did last year at this time (must be that new yoga pose I showed you above!) and things appear to be running smoother at the moment - love it when that happens!
What have you learned about yourself that you're thankful for this year?  What are you more aware of?
Me?  I get sidetracked waaaayyyy too easily (Sidetracked-Shelly!!). I learned this a long time ago, but being more aware means being able to change.

From my friend's facebook status - I just had to have this!

But I did want to let you know about something I will be participating in this season,....

Over on the Artisan Whimsey Site
they're getting ready to host the
 Artisan Whimsy Market 2012 Holiday Collection 
for all the members who want to participate from this Friday (black Friday) through the 30th of November - fun huh?!

Every one who participates will have sales going on in their shops or on their facebook pages and then on the 1st of December each shop will have it's own wonderful give-a-way! How cool is this?

 The internet can be a bit sketchy at times up at the cabin (where we'll be for Thanksgiving) when there's a bunch of people using it and so hopefully things will be okay and I'll be able to check in regularly while I'm up there,...but I'm thinking it would be a great prelude to the Annual Jewelry Boutique (jewelry party) my sister and I having at her house on the 2nd of December.
I'll post more details and all that good stuff tomorrow, okay?
The girls who run things over on the Artisan Whimsy site really know how to show us all a good time - you should check it out and join in the fun!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love, Gratitude, Growth and Holiday Fun!

Nov 19, 2012

Playin' Around with Old Designs

So, I'm getting ready for the annual Holiday Jewelry Boutique that my sister and I have each year around this time at her house. This year it's going to be on Sunday, December 2nd from 11:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. 
My sister, Marsha and I - November, 2012
(Thanks to our good friend, Jackie, for taking this awesome shot!)
It's bunches of fun. We usually have live music supplied by acoustic guitarist, Preston Hindman (a.k.a. - my nephew) and for the last several jewelry shows folks have been able to sign up for 30 minute massages with Mina (way awesome massage therapist that's a friend of my sister's).
Musician - Preston Hindman
Photo Courtesy of Egan Eyes Photography
We have all kinds of great munchies, including my sister's famous Pico De Gallo (my mouth is now watering!) and of course an array of beverages from punch to wine to margaritas.
We have several jewelry give-a-ways towards the end of the day at each show and this year I'm also teaching a little 'mini-class' from 2p-3p during the party. Just a cute little pair of crystal drop earrings. Something fun and festive for people to 'make and take' with them.
Example of earrings for the little mini-class
It's usually nice enough here in the Arizona desert at this time of year that we've even had the jewelry party outside a couple of times.
The people that come by and hang out with us are dear friends, family and past co-workers and have been clients of mine for,....gee,...well,...something like 7 years!   
I hadn't realized it had been that long. Holy Cow!
Anyhoo,...I've been thinking of revising some of my old designs, seeing that they were very popular with all my clients that come to this show.

Bali Bead "Egg Hoops" - 2008 MiShel Designs Clean Lines Collection

I also played around with some photo editing soft ware - maybe a little too much! LOL!
Oh well, you get the idea - I was learning and having fun at the same time!
MiShel Designs 2009 Urban Chaos Collection
Featuring sterling silver Urban Chaos Wire Beads and
Urban Chaos Wire Wrapped Circle Pendant
Just curious as to how many of you do home shows or craft fairs around this time of year. 
What kinds of fun things do you plan for your jewelry parties? Anything different and unique?  Do you like having jewelry parties or would you rather do craft fairs and shows of that nature instead?
I'm just curious because one of my friends posted that they loved doing craft shows and I laughed and said "Not me, man!"  I've just not had the type of success I've expected with them, I guess. 
And, I've been a juror for the Tempe Arts Festival before and so I know how extremely tough some of these shows are to get into (and how expensive!).

Talk about stress if you don't do well at those shows! Oh my.
Tahitian Pearl Swirl Necklace
from the 2007 MiShel Designs Clean Lines Collection
My jewelry parties on the other hand are always a success.

Not just in the amount of jewelry I sell, but in the amount of valuable feedback I get from all my long time clients.  They shoot straight with me and tell me what they like, what they're not that fond of, what they'd like to see; colors, trends and styles they like and dislike. 

The group of women at my shows in the town my sister lives in are my 'gauge'  - they're who I trust and they're the ones that guide certain designs elements in my collections each year.
Chunky Gemstone Link Bracelet from the 2007 MiShel Designs Jewelry Collection
What about you? Do you have a select group of clients who are your 'go-to-girls'? What or who's your gauge? How do you choose your styles through out the year or for certain collections, if you have them? 

It's interesting and fun finding out what guides other designers.

We're all so different yet in so many ways we're all so similar!  
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Making the Old New Again!