Mar 31, 2013

BSBP Is Well Underway!

Yesterday was the 1st Reveal for Lori Anderson's
and next Saturday, April 6th is the 2nd Reveal.  
My partner, Francesca Watson, and I are in the 3rd Reveal that takes place on Saturday, April 13th.
Everyone is so excited to participate!
It's a huge undertaking for Lori (I cannot even begin to imagine all the work and countless hours involved to pull this off the way she does!)  and it's a ton of fun for all of us who are hopping around each other's blogs, commenting and drooling over delicious soups!
Please stop by Lori's blog today and see the list of the participants in the 1st Reveal and hop around today and try out some yummy soups.
Don't forget to come back here on Saturday, April 13th to see what Francesca and I have cooked up, too!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and the 1st helping of Bead Soup!

Mar 29, 2013

Focus on Life: Week 13 - Have Faith

*If you're looking for my
Birthday Post / Give-A-Way - It's HERE

And Now,...

It's Week 13 for the Focus on Life series over at

This week's prompt: Have Faith

And here's what Sally told us:

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. ~Augustine~

"There are many of us who are religious and there are many of us who are not, but most of us, religious or not, have faith in someone or something.  A faith that gets us through our day, a sickness or even a death. Faith is held by each of us; it is what keeps us believing that there will always be a positive outcome even if we can't see it at the time."
November 27th, 2007

He was only 10 years old when he walked down the hallway of the hospital with his mother. As they rounded the corner she bent down and spoke quietly into his ear , "I'm not sure you're old enough to be in this section so if anyone asks, you're 12. Okay?"
"Okay, Mom."
Standing on the other side of the door was an orderly,
looking out as if waiting just for them.
He opened the door and pointed to the second door on the right. The woman looked at the nurse behind the ICU desk. The nurse, nodding the 'okay', gave them an almost apologetic smile as the young boy and his mother entered the room.

With tubes sticking out everywhere and his skin a light ash color, this wasn't the man the boy had seen that morning as he left for school.
"Hi, son," the man whispered; his eyes barely opening.
"How ya doing, Dad?"
"I'm doing okay, son."
"Are you hurting?"
"Not really anymore. They've got me on some pretty heavy stuff."
"You gonna be okay?"
"Oh yes, I'm going to be fine son. It might be a while, but I'm going to be just fine, don't you worry."

When visiting hours were over and it was time to leave, the boy kissed his dad, told him he loved him and that he'd see him tomorrow.

As the mother and son said goodbye and walked out of the room, the nurse behind the desk looked at them with tears in her eyes and with another, even more apologetic smile, told them, "Good night."

The next day, the young boy went sadly to school and the woman returned to the hospital.
As she walked into the ICU ward she noticed the mood of the people behind the desk was different than the night before. There were smiles on their faces that morning. 
"Oh, you're still here?", the woman asked the nurse.
"Yes. I'm here for about 30 more minutes," replied the nurse. 
Entering her husband's room, the woman saw him sitting instead of laying. His color was returning and there was a 
slight smile on his face.
"Hi Honey! Got my computer like I asked you?"
I'm not really sure you're allowed to have it here with you."
"It'll be fine. I gotta get back to work and let my guys know what's going on and that things might be a bit slower coming out to them this week.  Can you tell the nurse that I need some more bottled water?"
The woman walked out into the hallway and asked for more bottled water.
"Oh my. He's already gone through all those bottles? We don't have anymore on the floor. I'll have to send someone to get more."
"Thank you."
"Last night was rather touchy," the nurse said. "I'm glad he's doing much better today. It's like a total turn around."
"I know, right?!"
"I got rather choked up as you were leaving with your son last night."
"I thought you looked really sad."
"We all thought that was the last time he was going to see his Dad." 
"That thought crossed my mind too, for a minute anyway.  But then I realized that that just wouldn't be Mike," the woman said as she turned to walk back into the room where her husband was typing away on his computer.
Two days later the man was released from ICU.
Mike and Logan goofing around, like normal, at the 'look out' - June 2008
And yes, he hiked up the mountain from just above that valley you see below
 with a defib in his chest only 7 months after his heart attack.
We call him 'Iron Man' - LOL!! :-)
A few months after recovering at home the doctors put a defibrilator in my hubby's chest (on Valentine's Day of all days!!) and to look at him now, well,'d never know he had a massive heart attack 5 years ago or that the staff at the hospital had little to no FAITH that he'd even make it through the first night. 
The "Masked Rider" and Mike,...a.k.a. - Iron Man!!

Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to.  ~from the movie, "Miracle On 34th Street"
The Buettner's - December 2012

I "Have Faith" and am grateful that there will be many more family photos just like this one!

It's My Birthday!

And that means YOU are getting a gift!
Yes indeed! 
Copper and recycled Sari Silk Earrings by MiShel Designs
These two pair of earrings are up for grabs this weekend!
Hammered Copper and Ceramic Bead Earrings by MiShel Designs
Ceramic Beads by Havana Beads on Etsy
Leave a comment below on this post with which pair you like best and what you'd wear them with and on Monday I'll let the random number generator choose two lucky winners! Make sure to leave a valid email in your comments so I can contact you.
Thanks to all of you who read my blog and leave comments - I cannot tell you how much I love reading them each day!
Sometimes, birthday's can be hard. 
Not sure how I feel about this one yet.
This is number 48.
Wow. That felt weird to write.
Oh well, it is what it is, right?   It is just a number after all. (That's my story,.....)
And, I'd like to wish fellow birthday gal,
a very Happy Birthday today, too! 
Everyone have a great weekend and feel free to pass this along to your friends so they can comment and have a chance to win as well!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Birthday Fun!
Oh yeah, and don't forget, the first reveal of  Lori's Bead Soup Blog Party is Tomorrow, so be sure to hop on over to her blog and check out all the wonderful soups every one will have cooked up!!

Mar 27, 2013

Spring Break and Blogging Friends!

It's Spring Break this week for my son. We're usually in California walking along the beach in San Clemente, listening to the loud 'booms' coming from Camp Pendleton, taking in the waves, letting the salty air kiss our skin and enjoying fresh seafood.
This year we elected to have one of those 'stay-cations' every one talks about. Business wise (not my jewelry hobby/business but our Indoor Air Quality company the hubby owns) things are keeping us busy, so it was hard to justify stepping away (he never steps away and is always doing data review every single day for our associates) from some of the IAQ investigations that were coming our way this week.  Then there was the fact that my birthday is Friday and then Easter is Sunday and we usually spend that with family in another town here in AZ.
Plans got changed up a bit (having family in the Military, we're used to that!) and now "Easter" isn't going to be where it usually is and several members of the family are away seeing their kiddos and grand babies. And then, my boys said they would really like to go camping in the desert this week/weekend - and I thought that sounded nice, too - so that's what we're doing. 
Arizona's lovely in March - usually not too hot, not too cold - perfect weather!  We're hoping for some of that as we head out and enjoy the ruggedness of the desert and the awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets our state is known for.
Arizona Sunset - Photo by Paul Hindman
While I'm away, I wanted to share with you a new Etsy shop set up by one of my blogging friends - Lynda Carson.
Lynda's one talented jewelry artists and her blog, Fresh Baked Designs, has been on my 'must read' list for quite awhile now.
I love how she regularly shares her creative process and shows her readers her 'adventures' in designing.  Lynda's opened an Etsy shop because everyone was asking where to get pieces of her jewelry and although she has designs in some actual boutiques/shops near where she lives, there was nowhere online for people to purchase her wonderful creations.  
Teal Leaf Bracelt by Fresh Baked Jewelry Designs on Etsy
I hope you'll hop on over to Lynda's Etsy Shop - which is called FreshBakedJewelry (because FreshBakedDesigns was taken!) - and see what she has to offer. 
Her jewelry is just wonderful!
Red Tin Botanitcal Earrings by Lynda Carson on Etsy
If you stop by Lynda's blog, Fresh Baked Designs, this week, you'll see she's got quite a nice give-a-way going on for those of you who pass along her info via twitter, FB or other social media outlets.
Kyanite Drop Earrings by Fresh Baked Jewelry on Etsy
I hope you're all enjoying your week and for those of you who are getting more of that icky weather with snow and the like when it's supposed to be Spring,....well, I feel for you, I truly do, and I hope you get  some "Spring" coming your way soon!!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Enjoying the Desert in Spring!

Mar 23, 2013

Focus on Life - Week 12: Observe the Curve

For Week 12 of
Sally's prompt was:
Observe the Curve
"In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves."
~Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
"We move, live and love in curves. Arms, legs and bodies curve to propel us into the life around us. Branches of trees curve to embrace the breeze. Letters curve and form words. Curves can keep things apart, hold things together or create a path. This week take a moment to focus on all the different kinds of curves that surround you everyday?
And there were indeed curves that surround me every day.
From the earring wires I create each day,
to the pottery dish sitting on my desk that was
skillfully crafted by my friend Kathy,
To the shadows of light that are cast,
Hand Carved Lucet by Gordon Wayne Baldock
On the perfect curves of the hand carved Lucets my brother so lovingly made for me.
Hand Carved Lucets by Gordon Wayne Baldock
Each week these challenges open up my mind, helping to slow the pace so I can
Observe the Curves of Life!
Hand carved Lucet by Gordon Wayne Baldock
Please join the other participants over at
and see what Curves they have Observed!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Observing the Curves!

***Side Note***

Since people were curious as to what a Lucet (Knitting Fork) is and what it's used for, I thought I'd point you in the direction of
Rad Megan who sells them on Etsy.

I have one of her knitting forks.
I got it to use when I travel because I don't want to lose or harm the ones my brother custom made for me.

Rad Megan also has a blog and a you tube video where you can read about them, see the necklace tutorial she has posted using them and watch the video where she shows two different methods of
braiding cord with them.

Here's the Link:

The You Tube Video is about 
half way down on her post.



Mar 18, 2013

It's Just Madness!

Hey There Gang!
I'm having a "March Madness Sale" over in my MiShel Designs Etsy Store.
Enter Coupon Code MARCH20 and get
from now through March 31st.
Have a great week everyone!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Madness in March!!

Mar 17, 2013

Etsy Shop Update

I hope every one's have a great St. Patrick's Day. 
Are you wearing some GREEN today?
I'm wearing this Celtic Knot Macrame Bracelet today.
Celtic knot bracelet - it's 'greener' than it looks! ;-)
Also, I'm finally getting some more things listed over
in my Etsy Shop.

What are you doing today?

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and New Things!

Mar 15, 2013

Focus On Life: 52 Photos - Week 11

This week's prompt from Sally over at
The Possibilities Are Endless!
"There are many things around us that hold so many possibilities; a child's face, a seed of a flower, the tools pictured above. (trust me, she had a picture of her tools!!) This week pay attention to your surroundings and your daily activities and show us what holds endless possibilities for you."
And she included this quote:
In this moment, there is plenty of time. In this moment, you are precisely as you should be. In this moment, there is infinite possibility." ~Victoria Moran
And so I thought, and I thought,.....what to photograph?
There's Endless Possibilities in so many things! 
My tools, beads and supplies have possibilities that are endless indeed - deliciously so.
What about my books?
Books contain knowledge and with knowledge the possibilities are unimaginably endless.
With colors the possibilities are delightfully endless.
Nature?  Flowers - endlessly, beautiful flowers?
More Door Porn?
I mean seriously, the possibilities really ARE endless
as far as doors go (just sayin').
I thought of so many things.
But, what to photograph?
Yep,'s just a point-n-click!
And then, looking through my lens,...
the possibilities truly are endless. Infinitely so!
I know what you're thinking:
"She only posted ONE photo this week?!"
Yep, it only took 11 weeks!
Didn't see that one comin', did ya?!
Hop on over to The Studio Sublime today
and see the Endless Possibilities
everyone else has captured!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Endless Possibilities to Photograph!

Black and White! And All Those Other Colors,.....

When I returned from Rome last September I mentioned all the fabulous Black and White fashion I saw in the shop windows over there and how excited I was to see it!
(You can see my post about it here)

I even created these Black and White bracelets as a sort of "Tribute" (if you will) to the Trending Fashion scenes I drooled over while in Italy.

Well, it's still a happenin' combo - Black and White - especially this spring!

I'm not sure why I love Black and White (and Clear - love Clear Crystals and Stones!!) so much.

Maybe it's the endless possibilities that go along with this color scheme. Or the way it's so bold, yet unoffensive (Sorry, but yes, some colors, arranged boldly in strange combos can be almost offensive to look at!)

Recently I created more of the Black and White style combo that I like, only this design has more of a Romantic, Bohemian look and feel. Not so bold or "Art Deco" looking, but rather soft, casual and fun.

Black, white, grey/gray, clear - yes, these are my 'go to' colors. And blue. Every shade of blue.  I mean, what's not to love about blue, right?! Oh, and browns,.....(Geeze, I'm boring!)

I tend to pick colors that are safe. Safe for me. Meaning, no matter what I create using them, they're bound to look some what appealing. It's kind of like my favorite blanket or sweater I wrap around myself,...they're comfortable, safe and predictable.
Even with multiples,...I'm still being 'safe' with my use of color

I'm working on being conscious of adding more colors to my designs this year and trying colors that are different and new for me.  It's a bit more difficult than I thought it would be, especially considering that I LOVE bright colors - specifically in flowers, nature and certain types of art work.
Do you find yourself drawn to certain colors more than others? Do you wear certain colors more or design with certain colors over and over? 
Ah yes, these have all my 'go to' colors in them!
Do you follow the Pantone Colors each season and use them as a guide or do you just let your heart tell you what to choose?

My heart loves deep, dark red and bright pink.  Okay, so I have designed with those colors before,...because they do go fabulously with my 'safe' colors.

Brandi Hussey's starting a new blog called "Oh The Color". I credit Brandi as one of the folks who've helped me branch out a bit and not be so afraid to design with more colors. She's also one of the reasons my photos are getting better. 
You can see why, here.

You should really go over and check out her new blog.  I believe it goes live on Monday, but until then, she's got some awesome (as always!) photos and equally as awesome colors up to drool over!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Dreaming in Color!