Sep 28, 2013

Focusing on Life: Week 39 - Your Best Shot!

Okay - so has anyone else been singing Pat Benatar's
"Hit Me With Your Best Shot"
this entire week or is it just me? 
I will not put you though the You Tube version of this 1980's classic just in case you're in the free and clear!
(You're Welcome!)
Sally's prompt this week for the
Week 39:  Your BEST Shot
"This week get snap happy!  Give us YOUR best shot!"

I snapped lots of photos of jewelry this week in hopes of getting them edited in time for Stringing Magazine's Spring 2014 issue deadline of the 26th and was going to use one of those (a sneak peak anyway) for this week's prompt.
But that didn't happen because my pics turned out pretty bad (crappy is a much better word to describe them actually!).  So needless to say, you won't be seeing those and I didn't send them via email to Stringing either (yes, they were that awful!!).  I was pretty upset with myself to say the least! 
And let's see, I failed to capture the pretty sunrise the other day, I spaced out trying to get a pic of a friend who popped into town from Georgia to have dinner with us Thursday night and the pics I took of my son before he left for Homecoming to pick up his girlfriend turned our poorly too because I tried to take them with my iPhone,...and we all know how many times I've successfully used THAT as a camera!
Oh, and of course the pic that I had the waitress take of my friend Michael from St. Croix (whom I hadn't seen in years, and yes, it was his father's funeral I attended this week) and Jackie and I at breakfast last Saturday came out blurry, too (I guess I'm not the only one who can't use my iPhone camera properly!). 
So, despite all the friends I reconnected with this week and the positive things that did happen recently, I was in an ugly 'funk' late Thursday night. Just one of those weeks, I guess.
But, I got up today (Friday) and decided to shrug off the icky-ness and adopt a positive mind-set and get on with things! 
I didn't touch my camera because I didn't want to jinx anything, so I'm giving you a photo that I consider one of my "Best" shots ever.

I know, you were expecting a picture of Italy, weren't you!   Or pearls, or flowers,...or Door Porn!!  Yep, I love this one. He's just hanging out,....unaware of everything else around him.
And yes, he was orange - not red, like most. I like that about him. Showin' his true colors! :-)
It reminds me of happy times up in the mountains, taking nice walks (snapping pics that actually turn out) enjoying nature, relaxing, being present and living in the moment and not stressing myself out over stupid things that really aren't going to matter or even be running through my head when I'm laying on my death bed!
Hopefully everyone else had a productive and happy week and was able to capture some great photos!
I'm going to hop on over now to The Studio Sublime and enjoy all the other BEST shots!  Join me? 
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Letting Things Go, Taking Stuff In, and Getting Back To 'ME' At My BEST!


  1. What a great photo. I love the colors and that little guy just hanging around enjoying his surroundings.

  2. You sure pick the right photo for your "Best Shot". Can understand the "pressure" of every "deadline" but you certainly stepped up to it.!

    1. Thanks Marlene. He's definitely up there on my list of favorite shots ever.

  3. Wow, FABulous pic! The colours are wonderful, and great focus...and BTW, no you're not the only one who had Pat Benatar screaming in her brain LOL

    1. Thanks Lori! Oh, too funny - good to know someone else was singing along w/me,....I sound terrible on my own! LOL!! ;-)

    2. I even changed the prompt to hit me with your best shot... So you aren't alone. Love your picture however I no longer love ladybugs... we used to have a cabin at a salt water lake in SK the lady bugs there bite. My sister din't believe me... and was commenting on the cute lady bug crawling up her leg... then it bit her!

  4. that is an awesome shot Shel! love the bug guy. and such beautiful colors throughout this one!!

  5. oh yes, and Pat Benatar has been running through my head all morning!

  6. Sometimes we have to just go with the tried and true. Wonderful shot. I love bug photography!

  7. Bug shots are hard to get and you got a beauty! I love lady bugs, no matter their color.

  8. Oh dear, well... at least that week is done and dusted. I will say before I forget that yes, standing still when using an iPhone sounds simple but often people don't AND it takes the picture when you let go of the button, not when you press. So I stick my finger on it, get settled and then let go to take it. You can also use the up volume button as the shutter :) Would you believe I also took a picture of an orange lady bug today. He was on the apple we picked out of a tree. Though I'm sure it's not as pretty a shot as this!

  9. Yep I was singing the song! You have a great shot, I love your outlook to pick yourself up despite the icky-ness!

  10. It's a stunning shot, indeed! Reminds us to always notice the little things :)

  11. LOVE the colors in your shot and how the bit of cactus frond curls up over little lady bug. And I sympathized reading about your photo travails this week but I bet the pics you thought were terrible were not really terrible.

  12. Oh, that is a very cool shot! I hate that you had a crappy photo week. Somehow I missed the instructions that the photos were to be from this week and simply picked one of my favorites. oops!

  13. Fabulous picture, great colors and contrast.

  14. Shel, what a wonderful macro shot! I love little Mr Ladybug, he is pretty!


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