Dec 31, 2013

Endings, Changes and New Horizons

It's the last day of the year and as 2013 comes to a close, I'm reminded of my "Word" for the year that Sally, over at The Studio Sublime, prompted us to choose (and photograph) for the Focus on Life: 52 Photos weekly photo challenge back in January.

The word I chose for 2013 was "READY". 
You can read the Original Post Here

I truly felt I 'ready' for so many things on various levels, but could have never guessed what would transpire this year.

Magazines that I was fortunate enough to be featured in this year!

It was not a bad year; to the contrary, it was quite good overall, and for this I am grateful and feel very blessed.

However, when I chose the word 'ready', I was thinking more along the lines of my jewelry making, of my creative side and of nurturing and taking better care of my family and things of this nature. 

As I was 'ready' for all those things and prepared for them in my life, something else came along and smacked me upside of the head.

You gotta be really careful what word(s) you choose for yourself, that's for sure. I'm a bit apprehensive to say I've learned my lesson, but I think this might be the case. 
(I am a bit hard-headed though, so we'll wait and see!)

There's a shift brewing.

We're taking the company that I co-own and run with my husband, RespirCare Analytical, in some new directions and there's potential growth to prepare for.  

In order to be "ready" for this shift and take on added business roles I have attended classes in preparation for some environmental certifications and am helping to formulate the plans of growth for our future endeavors.  I will have a more active role in our company vs. working on my jewelry business while just answering the business phones, fielding questions and doing front office work.

With that being said, I am 'ready' to move forward.
Which brings me to the title of this post.

Endings, Changes and New Horizons.

All things come to an end. Or they change and become something different. And with endings and change comes new horizons; new things to focus upon and look towards. 

Whether these endings or changes have a positive or negative impact on our lives is up to each of us.

I'm choosing positive.

Although I will not be stepping entirely out of my jewelry business, I will be scaling back on designs and online sales. 

Not to say that I'll stop creating jewelry - oh no!
If I couldn't be creating something, I'd freak out!
(Or become extremely grumpy - just ask my hubby!!)

I would like to shift my focus instead towards a few things more in line with my heart's desire/passion such as teaching classes and helping people, writing tutorials, jewelry articles and things of this nature. 
It will not be the same. It will be different. And ending of some sorts. A change for certain. A positive I am confident!

And yes, you can be assured that I will not write about moldy houses or EPA guidelines or things of this nature here on the blog!  (Unless of course, I can tie it into jewelry somehow!)

I will still be sharing jewelry info in some form or fashion with you along with all the other 'norms' I've shared through the years. You know, like info on Pearls (yeah!!), blog challenges and hops, photographs that I snap and different kinds of fun things.

Tomorrow is January 1st, 2014
and a new year will be upon us. 

I'm excited moving forward and so tomorrow I will share with you my "Word" for the year! 

Do you choose a word for the year? A mantra of sort? Something you consciously focus upon?

I didn't, as I mentioned above, until 2013.

This year (2014), my word found me.
So come back tomorrow and see what it is! 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Happy New Year's Eve Everyone!!
Be Safe and Enjoy The Last Day of 2013!


Dec 27, 2013

Focus on Life: Week 52 ~ Goodbye

Well, it's week 52 of the Focusing on Life: 52 Photos weekly photography challenge for 2013
Sally's last prompt for us this year was:
"Well, we are here at the end of our year long journey. It is time to say goodbye.  This week for one last time in 2013, I ask you to focus on how you would like to say farewell and then capture it in a photo(s)"
I'm certain that so many things went through your heads (and your hearts) for this prompt, as they did mine.
I thought of the Farewell song from the Sound of Music.  And, annoyingly, The Beatles song "Hello, Goodbye" has been a constant (I am not really a big Beatles fan!) in my head all week long.
I thought of Shakespeare's, "Parting is such sweet sorrow,...." and Chaucer's "All good things must come to an end" and of course, the various fashions of the famous one liner in so many movies, "I bid you adieu".  
 I thought of how to capture a wave goodbye, some one walking alone down a road, boarding an airplane or leaving in a car,...all sorts of photographic ways of saying 'farewell'.
My thoughts were of saying 'Goodbye' and how I would wish you all well and much success and happiness in the coming year.

I was saddened to see this journey come to an end.

But happy that it happened and better off for it, too!

Then last week when Sally sent out the invitations for the 2014 Focus on Life: 52 Photo challenge, I was not so blue or sad about this last post of the year. 
I thought of the seasons that have come and gone only to come and go again and of how it can be bitter sweet to see things come to and end. 

Yet with the passing of the seasons, the days and the months, there's the endless cycle of hope.
Of renewal, of birth, of life. Of hello.

I'm excited to continue this journey and look forward to seeing what those of you who continue will be 'snappin' in 2014.  And, even if you don't pop in to share each week with photos, I will be sure to see you 'around' here online.
At least that is my hope.
So, I will end with this:
"May you fare well in these last few days of 2013 my friends.
I look forward to seeing you in the New Year!"
And in the famous words of Dr. Seuss,...
"Don't cry because it's over.
Smile because it happened!"
~Dr. Seuss~
Until Next Time, (I don't say goodbye well at all!)
Peace and Love!

*To sign up/register for the FOL: 52 Photos 2014*
Click HERE!

Dec 24, 2013

Holiday Greetings!

Wishing you and yours a very
Merry Christmas!
Until Next Time,
Peace and Love!
~Shelly, Mike and Logan~


Dec 20, 2013

Focus on Life: Week 51 - Togetherness

This is week 51 of the Focusing on Life: 52 Photos weekly photography challenge and Sally over at The Studio Sublime gave us this post for the next to last weekend of the year:
"This week focus on wrapping yourself in the warmth of togetherness"
So, here's us,...together in front of the fire place, sharing some 'togetherness'.
Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas this coming Wednesday and may you have some 'togetherness' with those you love!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Celebrating the Warmth
of Togetherness!

Please click the links below to see
how every one else captured some

Dec 14, 2013

Focus On Life: Week 50 - A Pop of Red

It's week 50 for the
Focusing on Life: 52 Photos
weekly photography challenge and
Sally over at The Studio Sublime
gave us this prompt:
A Pop of Red!
"Red is such a visually striking color.  Pops of red grab your attention and add such interest to a photo.  This week, focus on your surroundings and keep an eye out for a Pop of Red!"
LOVE red and my surroundings always have pops of this beautiful color!

There's decoration that have to be placed about,...

But, during the holiday season, it has a bit more than a little, "Pop of Red".

And the house to be readied for guests,....

Please click the links below to see
where every one else found
"A Pop of Red"

And candles to be lit,....
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and RED!

Even Mother Nature gives us Pops of Red for our Holiday Celebrations!

Dec 9, 2013

Winter Sale!


 The last hurrah of the year!
Use Coupon Code DECEMBER25 upon check out over in my MiShel Designs Etsy Store to receive 25% off your total from now through Saturday, December 14th, 2013.
Items will be shipped out on
Monday, December 16th, 2013.
Then, I'm shutting down the shop for winter break and enjoying some holiday time with family, friends and neighbors.
I hope, even if you don't shop my store, that you're shopping handmade this season and supporting, as best you can, the small businesses online and in your community!
After all, it's the small things that count!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Spreading Holiday Savings!

Dec 7, 2013

Focusing On Life: Week 49 - Add A Little Sparkle!

Well, it's week 49 for the Focusing on Life: 52 Photos weekly photography challenge and Sally from The Studio Sublime gave us this prompt:
Add A Little Sparkle!
Well, I did manage to get the tree up this week so there is a "Little Sparkle" going on in our house!
Click on the images below to see how every one else "Added A Little Sparkle" to their week!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Sparkle!

Dec 6, 2013

Friends Helping Friends and a Little Holiday Cheer!

~Hey all ~
I wanted to let you know about a little Holiday Give-A-Way Contest that's happening over on my friend Roxanne's
page on Facebook.
The Temptation Travel Rox Group is giving away this MiShel Designs
Holiday Cheer Bracelet.
To Enter, Go to the
Temptation Travel Rox Facebook Page, Like them, leave your name along with the name of who referred you to their site (no, even though I referred you I cannot win my own bracelet!) and then share the post on your own page and when people say you're the one who referred them to the Temptation Travel Rox Facebook Page, you get 'referral credit'. The person with the most 'Referrals' by the end of Saturday, December 7th will be the winner of the bracelet.
The winner will be announced on the Temptation Travel Rox Facebook Page on Monday, December 9th, so be sure to check back there to see if you're the winner!
So, get to spreading some Holiday Cheer, okay?
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and
Spreading Some Holiday Cheer!

Dec 4, 2013

Bead Chat Magazine - December Issue

I wanted to give a big shout out to the entire crew at
Would you just look at these earrings on the cover by Claire Lockwood?! 
Super Pretty!
If you're not familiar with Bead Chat Magazine, it's an online magazine started by Melinda Orr and run by her, Linda Younkman, Cynthia Machata, and Natalie McKenna with several other amazing jewelry artists as contributors.  
What started as a Facebook group of bead, jewelry and mixed media artists sharing information, supply links and support for each other turned into an amazing online community called  and it's definitely the 'hub' of our "beady-world".   And the online monthly magazine, Bead Chat, is the icing on the cake (if you ask me).

Cynthia over at Bead Chat Magazine contacted me a couple of months back to say they would like to do an interview with me and feature pearls in their December issue and believed I was their "Go To Pearl Girl".

I was thrilled to hear this!  (insert happy dance at desk upon reading that email!!)

Over the past several weeks, Cynthia, who writes amazingly well for the magazine, Natalie, who does a fantastic job on the photos and layout, and I exchanged emails, links, photos and details and they managed to put together an outstanding interview and Pearl Article complete with supplies links, knotting tutorials and educational information.  

And for this, I am truly grateful.
These two women are professional and super fun, creative (indeed!!) and just all around good people! I have to say 'easy to work with' is an understatement. They take everything you give them and turn it into beautifully laid out, eye-catching content and interesting words!
There's quite a few people, many of whom I didn't get to converse with, who, on a monthly basis really put their heart and soul into this magazine and make it the successful and much enjoyed magazine that it is.  Each month, the entire staff and their contributors work around the clock (from what I can tell!) to bring those of us in the bead and jewelry crafting world one of the most top notch magazines related to our industry - online or in print (IMHO, anyway).
In the pages of Bead Chat you will find links to tutorials, fun interviews, feature articles on really interesting and talented artists, helpful tips, trends within our industry and completely amazing photos of all types of jewelry - super stuff!

Super Cool Earrings by Lisa Lodge!
Yep, inspiration galore! 

Beautiful Shimmering Necklace by Lynda Carson!
Thank you again to everyone involved with Bead Chat, you're greatly appreciated and deserve all the kudos you are getting online from all of us in the beading/jewelry world!
So, whatcha waitin' for?  Head on over and take a peak inside
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Feeling Grateful (and excited)!

Dec 1, 2013

Shop Handmade Artists - Cyber Monday Sale!

Please take a moment this holiday season while you're shopping to check out all the various handmade items that are being offered by so many talented artists. 
One of the places you can find an abundance of amazing skill and talent along with some super cool gifts is here:

Shop Handmade HERE!
I'm participating in this line up along with some extremely talented artists and we'd be honored for you to purchase our wares to give to those you are shopping for this holiday season.

Some people are offering specials, so check each shop to see what's going on. There's a list of the participating shops at the bottom of this post for your convenience.
Just click on each photo to go to their shop.
In my MiShel Designs Etsy shop, I'm offering 20% OFF your total order from now through Monday, December 2nd, 2013 when you use Coupon Code "TURKEY20" upon check out with Etsy.

It can be challenging for small businesses, especially the ones whose items are handcrafted, to compete with the deep discounts of the big box stores.  So while you may not see a ton of 50% off coupons or 'buy one, get one free' type of deals while shopping handmade this  holiday season, you will find unique, quality items that are priced fairly and support those who create for a living, keeping the arts alive. 

Please, shop local, shop small business, support the creative arts and purchase handmade items anytime you possibly can this gift giving season.  

Thank you so much for shopping handmade!

It's the small things that count!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Enjoying Handmade!