Mar 21, 2014

We're All Ears - March Reveal

The lovely creative gals over at Earrings Everyday are running a monthly earring design challenge focused on a specific piece of artwork each month and for March, this was the wonderful piece that was chosen to inspire us all ~
Beatrix Potter - The Tailor of Gloucester
Beatrix Potter's, The Tailor of Gloucester
Oh indeed!!  I know they mentioned it over on the blog the day they put up the challenge, but yes, as a child I too was drawn into many Beatrix Potter stories by her amazing artwork.
I believe she is the reason I am not afraid of mice and think they are beyond cute and believe that all animals in the forest have the coolest of little homes tucked away in a tree somewhere! 
Here's  my (late to the party today) post for the
The minute I saw the picture, I could think of nothing else but pink ribbon and cord with some wood beads, rose quartz and of course, pearls.
I hope you'll take a moment to check out all the other participants from the "We're All Ears" monthly challenge and see their lovely pieces created with the inspiring artwork of  Beatrix Potter's, The Tailor of Gloucester's picture.
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Childhood Memories!


  1. I adore your interpretation..these turned out fantastic!

  2. Love all the elements you have included, especially the wood and the fibres. Gorgeous ...xx

  3. A beautiful combination of elements and I just love that hot pink ribbon! Very nice!

  4. I had to laugh when I read that about you believing that animals have the coolest homes tucked away in the forest and not being afraid of mice, because that is the way I feel too. Love your interpretation, they're perfect!

  5. Beautiful and colorful! Love how you incorporated a little piece of silk in the earrings. So creative!

  6. lovely idea of pretty earrings :)

  7. A fabulous design! I love the variety of colorful beads and the pink ribbon! Lovely!!!

  8. I'm with you Shel - love Beatrix Potter and her sweet illustrations. Those are wonderful earrings - love all the wire wrapping and the sari silk is a welcome to spring! (if it will ever 'bleep'n' get here in the Northeast!)

  9. I really admire your ability to create with colors! Putting this mix of pastels and neutrals with that pop of pink ribbon put the WOW in these earrings. Love them!
    And forgot to wish you a very happy March birthday!

  10. You really captured the colors in the piece beautifully and that spot of pink with the fiber is perfect! I love your wire work too.

  11. I love the combination of pink and brown, and your use of wood to pick up on the tree in the picture is perfect. Better late than never! Glad you joined in!

  12. These have such great colors and textures. I love your wire wrapping, too.

  13. I loved your comment about mice! :) Using the wood bead was a great interpretation of the "woods" in the illustration. Why didn't I think of that??? Your colors are gorgeous, and I love the pink ribbon.


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