May 31, 2014

FOL14 - Week 22 -

May's topic for the Focus on Life 2014 weekly photography challenge is 
'In, At and About' 
and for week 22, Sally (The Studio Sublime) gave us this prompt:

"This week we are focusing on what is IN Bloom!"

The only thing blooming here in the desert right now is the heat.

Well, there's tons of saguaro blooms that are looking pretty awesome right now, but I couldn't capture a good pic of those this week.
And, bougainvilleas and bird of paradise are always in bloom here when it's summer and super hot, but the pics I took of those didn't come out as well as this shot of one of the last roses in our rose bush. 

The pics from the top looking down on the rose showed all the scorched petals, so I chose this angle because it looked the prettiest!

Okay, back to the bloomin' heat!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Beauty In Bloom!

*A little side note,...
Today would have been my Dad's 95th Birthday. 

Happy Birthday Dad!! 
Miss you so much - every single day! 
May 31st, 1979- My 8th Grade Graduation and my Dad's 60th Birthday

May 28, 2014

Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop Update

I've had some people message me that they 'missed' signing up for the Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop that we're doing with the reveal date on June 29th.


I wanted to let everyone know that since I'm doing a link-up via Inlinkz, anyone one who wants to just 'hop along' with us on the reveal date, which is  Sunday, June 29th, is welcome to just jump in that day and join in our fun with Pearls! 

This makes it super easy for people to join in the fun if they feel like it at the last minute and it also gives people who might not be ready on the reveal date the opportunity to back out with out anyone knowing. (sweet, eh?!)

And, I like the Inlinkz link-up because it gives you just a little 'sneak-peak' of what someone has created. 

Plus, if you don't have a blog, but want to link up via your facebook post or your Flickr account, the Inlinkz link-up makes it convenient to join in with out having to have a blog or do a lengthy post if you don't feel like it. 

And, you can also link-up with a photo over on Instagram now too. How cool is that?! 
Click here to go to the Inlinkz Blog and see how to do it.

For those of you who have 'signed up' for the Pearls Blog Hop, if you've sent me your email, then I'll be able to give you the Inlinkz code the night before the hop so you can post it on your blogs too, if you'd like. 

But, don't feel like you have to have the Inlinkz thing on your blog post if you don't want to.  It will be on mine so all you'll need is a link to my blog or my actual post on the 29th of June. 

So, easy peazy, right?!!

"Freya" by Michelle Buettner - aka, me ;-)

Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in the Pearls Blog Hop. It warms my heart. Especially since I've been a bit out of the loop this year with work and all,...makes me feel like I'm not missing as much as I think I am! LOL!!  

I have missed quite a few hops that were right up my alley - like Diana P's Waxed Linen Hop that just happened and Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party, just to name two (out of more than 10 that I wanted to  participate in!!). 

Yes, it's been tough missing out, but I've had fun seeing so many fun and beautiful designs as I've tried to visit as many people's hops and blog posts as I can.

Okay - it's time to get your pearl-mojo going.  There's tons of Pearl inspiration over on Pinterest if you get the chance to hop over there and take a look. 

Here's  a link to my Pinterest Board

Via -
And remember, what you create doesn't have to be jewelry or jewelry related. 

It can be anything.

Lamp shades adorned with pearls 
(I really want one of these!), 

Pearl Lamp via A Bit of Bees Knees Blog
Shoes adorned with pearls 
(yes, I'd love a pair, thank you!),

Via -

writing journal adorned with pearls, 

Pearl Journal via Pinterest

home decor items, and the list goes on!

By Soiree Supply on Etsy

 I'm going to be doing a few "Pearl Posts" through out the month of June with various types of pearl info, but if anyone has any questions, please shoot me an email or message me here on my blog or over on facebook (just FYI - I'm not on FB all that much anymore, but I do scoot over there at least once a day) and I'll answer you as quickly as I can. 

Have a great week everyone!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Fun with Pearls!



May 25, 2014

Memorial Day

Remembering all those are have served and who are currently serving our country. 

Thank you for your selflessness and your sacrifices. No words can truly express my gratitude! 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Honoring Those Who Serve!

May 24, 2014

FOL - Week 21

**I'm trying to link up with the FOL2014 Group this weekend but due to the internet connection in the mountains being totally useless, I may have to link up on Tuesday when I return home and pop over to see everyone's photos and comment next week. Sorry folks!!** :-) 

May's topic for the Focus on Life 2014 weekly photography challenge is 
'In, At and About' 

and for week 21, Sally over at  

The Studio Sublime, gave us the prompt:
This Week Fill in the Blanks: 

At or In the __________, I_________.
This one stumped me for a bit, but then I realized that
In the mornings, I take care of Coco and Kiki.
I fluff their seeds, refresh their water, talk with them and watch them snuggle.
It's rather difficult to get a focused photo of these two cuties!
It's a morning ritual that is rewarding!
Be sure to see what all the other 
Focus on Life 2014 participants 
have captured this week!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Snuggles!!

May 23, 2014

Pearls In The Spotlight

Pearls are so versatile. 

The truly do go with anything.

It's hard to believe the fashion and fine jewelry industries are just getting around to really embracing this idea.

What I mean is, I think these industries have tried (on many occasions) to 'bring forth the pearl', but as a whole, most people still see them as 'stuffy', snobby or classic and all 'prim and proper'.  

Not me.

I believe they go with anything, on anyone, in any season and for any reason. 

Because I love them so much the thought never crossed my mind that they couldn't look great in any type of design or with any type of material.

 Pearls are such a passion with me that I feel that it's part of my 'life's mission' to spread the word about them and show people how wonderful they are.

  My Keshi Pearl Dangle Earrings
Find the BeadStyle Magazine Tutorial
Available over at the 
Kalmbach Bookstore

I'm glad I'm hosting another Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop.

I think the craft / handcrafted artisan jewelry industry already has the whole 'pearls' thing pretty much figured out. 


I see so many of my fellow jewelry artists using their pearls with such a variety of materials and in so many unique and different ways that it makes me feel all tingly inside.

Just look at a few of the creations that were in the 
Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop in September 2013.

L to R - Dee, Lynda, Kashmira, SharylCynthia, Jasvanti, and Tracy

Click Here to go to the 2013 Blog Hop Reveal Page
and see all the Gorgeous Designs posted that day.

  Super, aren't they?!

The 2014 Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop
reveal date is June 29th, which gives you a little over a month to get your pearl mojo on, so if you'd like to join in the fun this go-round, hop on over to the info posted HERE and read all about it.

Or, just come back here on Sunday, June 29th, and link up with all us 'Pearly Peeps'!!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and PEARLS, Baby!! 


May 17, 2014

FOL14 - Week 20 - The View About The Ground

**If you are looking for the 
Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop II
Info and Sign Up Post, Click HERE

May's topic for the Focus on Life 2014 weekly photography challenge is 

'In, At and About' 

and for week 20, Sally over at  

The Studio Sublime, gave us the prompt:

The View About The Ground

I'm always looking at the ground - usually for cool rocks. 

I decided to photograph something else this week though.

The grass with it's tiny yellow 'flowers' and this fallen leaf from the Grapefruit Tree.

This seemed a bit more 'summer' than rocks. 
Plus, the rocks were hot to stand on and photograph in my bare feet and the grass felt good despite the 104 temperature!

Hop around to the other participants this week and see what they captured in their "View About The Ground". 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Looking About!


May 16, 2014

Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop II

Are you ready to ROCK SOME PEARLS?!! (Again)

I am, too!
(Seriously, when am I not?!!)

I've been rather quiet this year (jewelry wise) due to my work schedule and family life and I haven't been able (sadly) to participate in any of the fun blog hops, challenges and social media events.

When a couple of gals ask me if I was going to do another Pearls Blog Hop this year, I responded that I hadn't thought about it. 

One mentioned that if I did another Pearls hop I should do it in June, since the Pearl is June's Birthstone, and I knew it would definitely be fun, so I decided to just do it!

 Okay, here's the Scoop:

1) Create something (doesn't have to be jewelry *Gasp!*) with pearls in it. A lot of pearls, a few pearls - your choice. Your creation can be any style or pay homage to any era, age, region, etc.  (Classic, Glam, Boho, Cottage-Chic, Goth, Steampunk, Art Deco, etc.) You name it - you can make it!

2) They can be real pearls (freshwater, saltwater, Tahitian, South Sea) or imitation pearls (Swarovski, Czech glass, plastic, shell pearls, etc.), or a mixture is just fine, too!

3) Post the reveal of your creation(s) on Sunday, June 29th, 2014 on your blog and then come here and link up with the Inlinkz tool I'll have posted at the bottom of my post on June 29th.  (This way it's easy for people to link up and hop around).

That's it! Pretty Simple, huh?! 



Hop on over to my Pearls, Pearls, Pearls
 Pinterest Board and check out all the items I've pinned.

And, why not start your own Pearls Pinterest Board and keep track of all your favorite Pearl Pics! 

Here's the link to last year's 
Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop Reveal post.

There's tons of links on last years Pearls Blog Hop post related to pearls; from Pinterest Boards to tutorials on designing with pearls, Pearl History, Education and Pearl Farming.  There's even several bead shops and suppliers so you can shop for gorgeous pearls, too.

And, here's the link to my Pearls Page here on the blog as well, with even more information and inspiration for you.

So, whatcha waitin' for?
Go create with your pearls because as you know,....

"Pearls are for any person, for any reason, any time, any place, any season!"
MiShel Designs Model 'Miss Layla' wearin' her pearls!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and PEARLS, Baby!!


Feel free to put the Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop Button up on your blog if you'd like, too.

See you and your gorgeous Pearls on

Sunday - June 29th, 2014!

May 9, 2014

FOL14 - Week 19 - Good Things Inside

May's topic for the Focus on Life 2014 weekly photography challenge is 
'In, At and About' 
and for week 19, Sally over at  
The Studio Sublime, gave us the prompt:

Good Things Inside

She told us that this was a good prompt to think 'outside' the box.  

Not quite sure I've accomplished that this week or not but since Mother's Day is Sunday, I thought a photo of these might fit the bill and be rather appropriate.

 These are Kiki's eggs. 

Coco and Kiki are our Peach Faced Lovebirds.

Coco's on the left here, and Kiki's on the right.
 Coco's my baby and can do no wrong. 

But Kiki,...she's a piece of work!  

I still love her though.

She's just barely 2 years old. Coco is somewhere between 8 to 10 years old (I simple can't remember the year he was born - bad mommy!!).

 None of their eggs have ever had anything 'inside'. Well, one did last year, but it didn't form all the way and after about 28 days or so, she just quit sitting on them. As I cleaned up their cage the other day and held these up to the sunlight, it doesn't look like there's anything at all in these little guys either.

Poor Kiki. She's such a good little 'Mama in preparation'. 

She's still sitting on her little eggs, protecting them with all she's got and building her little nest. 

Driving Coco nuts. (you know, just like normal pregnant women do to their men!)

And, she's got 'good things inside' as far as I'm concerned. 

Good instincts and a pretty little song voice. 

And one of these times maybe she'll have eggs with 'good things inside'. 

Coco and Kiki "Inside" their "love shack"! ;-)

Hop on over to all the other participants this week and see what 'good things' they have 'inside'! 

Until Next Time, 
Peace, Love and Happy Mother's Day to all of you Moms out there!  (Including Kiki!!)

May 8, 2014

A Few New Things,...

Here's a few designs that have recently been added to the MiShel Designs Etsy Shop.

Mother's Day is only a couple of days away.

Hopefully you have all of your shopping finished.

But, if not, I'd like to help you out!  

(Crunch Time!)

Go ahead and take a peek over in the shop!


Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and New Additions!