~ Shel ~

Okay - so here's the scoop:

Name: Michelle, Shelly, Shel - it's all the same!

Obsessions: Pearls, gems, jewelry in general, chocolate, coffee, wine,...not necessarily in this exact order. 

Favorite Quotes:

"Pearls are the Gem of Queens and the Queen of Gems" 

~author unknown~

"If Diamonds are a girl's best friend, then Pearls are a Cultured girl's best friend!"
~No idea where this one came from either - if you know, do share!~

"Keep Calm, Wear Kick-Ass Pearls and Carry On!" 
~Pinterest! LOL!!~

My sister is my best friend and my artistic icon!

I  have a huge obsession with photographing doors

Cinque Terre, Italy. Photo: Michelle Buettner

And Possibly Sunsets, Cars and Macro Shots of Flowers

And of course, jewelry!

Yes, I still love my Malibu Barbie!

Yes, of course Barbie's sportin' some MiShel Designs Pearls!

Got Pearl Questions?
 Shoot me an email.
I'm happy to help!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and PEARLS, Baby!!